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This channel is for posting important links that are intended to help men and their families fight the family courts. If you have a link that should be posted, please contact <@&516181909554987038>

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**Be aware: we are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. These links are to make you more aware of the law and what you can and can't do.**

*This is a work in progress, if you feel something should be added to this list or that the list needs to be updated, please contact me*

Divorce Laws by country/state, what you need to know and what to expect:

UK- Gov-

US- General- Is alimony tax deductible?-

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Eavesdropping/recording laws:

*why are these here?
In the event that things turn ugly in a divorce, it is good to have a record of what is said/done to protect against false accusations, or to confirm your whereabouts at certain times. In areas where divorce is only allowed on a fault basis, a record of that fault could be crucial. Countries/states have different laws on if this is allowed.*

Is it legal to record what your partner does/threatens where you are?:

US- General-

In depth:

US- California-

US- Georgia-

US- Michigan-

Books aimed at helping with the divorce process:

The MENy Process:

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**We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice.**

This is for low-income legal aid or low-cost legal help:

Male victims & Survivors of Abuse:
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