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Certainly doesn't violate my NAP.

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how about we grab riotshields and tape syringes to sticks like some sort of cyberpunk spear then sparta their asses down some city block

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I love that old woman

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>Having brainwashed friends and not spending over 6 years very, very slowly redpilling them

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I play the long game, friendo

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But most of my friends don't give two fucks about antifa or protests, they just want jobs and the ability to make rent

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all of my friends were conservative
I was the lefty
I'm sure they're mostly cuckservatives though
but I haven't hung out with people in over a year

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Again, GoT said it well

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@Yuma County bruuuhhh that pic is ebin

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Amidst a political struggle, the common man just wants food in his belly.

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>tfw used to be libertarian socialist (I know, it's retarded) but then you redpilled yourself once you learned about economics

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And I'll be back in about an hour.

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In the course of 2016 I went from "Man communism will work when we get post scarcity" to liberal libertarian to semi conservative libertarian to "Fascism is preferable to communism and might not be so bad"

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Communism will never work as we do not live in a universe where scarcity will merely cease to exist

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We do not have infinitely available matter or energy

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therefore there is scarcity

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I don't think we live in a universe where scarcity will cease but it's far farther off than the commies think AND EVEN THEN I am absolutely positive should we live in a post scarcity universe that capitalism will still work better

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you can always have more luxuries

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the only way communism will work in my mind is if we all decided to upload ourselves into computers and begin some sort of merge

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but not everyone would so never gonna happen

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even in a post scarcity world capitalism will still work better, because our currency and demand would simply move from materials to energy sources

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yeah that's another aspect

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automation is merely a multiplyer of our workforce; we will still be able to hire just as many workers, however we will be able to build X amount more factories

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therefore goods are cheaper

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though if you're absolutely retarded you will not be able to really work in these factories, because the roles would be delegated more toward management and robotics repair

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until we automate robotics repair and logistics

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@Extra Crispy why are you making a based argument against communism when we all agree that it's cancer

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we're here to talk about it, and why it doesn't work