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2017-04-02 18:42:06 UTC  

but come on dude

2017-04-02 18:43:27 UTC  


2017-04-02 18:43:30 UTC  

I had no idea he was being charged. My comment was made in ignorance of the situation. But my point stands that its insane they are posting that shit in public

2017-04-02 18:44:04 UTC  

posting what shit?

2017-04-02 18:44:22 UTC  

they are literally posting compromising legal shit on a board that is patrolled by antifa

2017-04-02 18:44:46 UTC  

just to slander TRS

2017-04-02 18:46:31 UTC  

It seems like it is just you posting private stuff lmao
Like posting about what happened at TRStlemania

2017-04-02 18:47:05 UTC  

Also bringing up argentina lmao,

2017-04-02 18:47:15 UTC  

and all of it was true. How funny

2017-04-02 18:47:24 UTC  

It wasnt true your being a fag lmao

2017-04-02 18:47:38 UTC  

you left way before any of the shit happened in argentina

2017-04-02 18:48:05 UTC  

wtf is going on

2017-04-02 18:48:16 UTC  

what are you all talking about

2017-04-02 18:48:19 UTC  

well anyway. Its against the rules to talk about this here. So if you want to take it to PM's i will do that.

2017-04-02 18:48:25 UTC  

wyatt brought personal stuff into a 4chan thread apparently

2017-04-02 18:48:28 UTC  

Wyatt is being gay that is what is going on

2017-04-02 18:48:34 UTC  

you have proof of this?

2017-04-02 18:48:37 UTC  


2017-04-02 18:48:40 UTC  

its his thread

2017-04-02 18:48:58 UTC  

just highlight OPs ID and read what he posted

2017-04-02 18:53:04 UTC  

dude I dont see anything wrong here

2017-04-02 18:53:07 UTC  


2017-04-02 18:53:13 UTC  

in fact wyatt is sticking up for ppl

2017-04-02 18:53:42 UTC  

idk, from my knowledge the TRStlemania shit was private

2017-04-02 18:54:00 UTC  

>it was private.
ya i didnt bring it up. I just corrected the record

2017-04-02 18:54:05 UTC  

check the ID's

2017-04-02 18:54:22 UTC  

the event was private, but everyone knew about it and the death panel talked about it for weeks on the shoah

2017-04-02 18:54:39 UTC  

they didnt talk about specific events though

2017-04-02 18:54:52 UTC  

and to top it off, all the things Wyatt talked about got talked about on the post-trslemania show

2017-04-02 18:55:00 UTC  

yeah, they did

2017-04-02 18:55:39 UTC  

listen, I dont know what kind of drama this is, but Wyatt dindu nuffin wrong

2017-04-02 18:56:51 UTC  

He is bringin' up discord drama in a 4chan thread , that is what erks me

2017-04-02 18:57:47 UTC  


2017-04-02 18:57:59 UTC  

he isnt even posting screenshots and ricotta is a major faggot

2017-04-02 18:58:01 UTC  

so yeah

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2017-04-02 18:58:40 UTC  

He posted something about ghoul, so people said "Ghoul fucks trannies" and he started bringin up shit

2017-04-02 18:59:11 UTC  

Yeah I do have to say Wyatt's in the wrong here. Just fanning the flames tbh.

2017-04-02 19:00:12 UTC  

As much as Ricotta is a douche, there were only 2-3 people who had a problem with him being at TRStlemania.

2017-04-02 19:00:39 UTC  

What i want to know is what this is and why its only you and missourian talking about this.