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New Right Network is a conservative Discord Server, associated with, and numerous New Right Network live stream and media platforms across the internet. Opposing viewpoints are welcome, but expect them to be challenged. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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1. Read Rules & Channels.

2. Verify your Discord email.

3. Have profile pic (To upload: Click gear icon & then Account).

4. At the bottom of this channel, click the emoji to get a country role.

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**1.** Follow Discord ToS & this server’s __**Channels**__ guide.

**2.** Respect Admins/Mods & everyone in the server. ONLY tag Admin or user for an important reason.

**3.** No Racist, anti-Semitic, or Nazi-related speech, content, usernames or avatars. One warning will be given to change your own avatar & Admin will change your nickname.

**4.** Only speak/type in English so we can all understand it.

**5.** No shitstirring or spamming in chat. No advertising other discord servers in the server or pm; and do not overly self-promote or advertise without permission.

**6.** No unauthorized voice recording. No soundboarding or disrupting voice conversation.

**7.** No posting NSFW or violent content in text channels. NSFW discussion must be taken to TNR After Hours voice channel.

**8.** No personal attacks, doxxing, threatening to dox, impersonation or physical threats of any kind. All threats of violence, including assassination threats towards the President of the United States, his cabinet members, and other officials should be reported immediately to the FBI, please include a screenshot, and an “Archived” link. We recommend Anyone who posts cp will be immediately banned and have their IP and info reported to the FBI.

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<#379122225120280578> – important info regarding New Right Network

<#379125036188958730> – general lobby for political discussion and bantz

<#441640928072040458> – check for New Right Network events, including Reddit AMAs, Discord AMAs/Right Now podcasts, movie and game nights

<#379172684958924801> – 24/7 meme factory, short copypastas

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▫New Right Network is a big-tent group dedicated to mobilizing, countering the left and energizing the right! We unite to advance the ideals which are important to our community in the present political climate. We want to drain the swamp, eliminate government corruption and give the country back to the people.

▫Our new media creators, independent journalists & patriots keep MAGA fueled with high energy! We want America to be the best nation in the world. To advance our message of liberty & freedom, we produce live streams, videos, gifs, memes, images & the written word, always reaching for new vehicles of media.

▫We're taking the Trump campaign & election momentum to the highest levels, straight through to the 2018 primaries & beyond! Our promotional engine leverages New Right political candidates & their voters, in America & abroad.

▫New Right Network stands in stark contrast to the socialist & neoliberal viewpoints that have corrupted the minds of many youth. New Right Network now ushers in the ultimate counter-culture: One that’s based on conservative values, nationalism & achieving personal success. The Left is no match for the independent, free thinkers who choose to unite under the New Right Network umbrella. As a collective, we gain the organization & structure we need to counter the Left. Trump’s victory was huge, but the fight has only begun. We must take our country back!

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**Role Menu**: react to give yourself a role

1⃣ : `United-States`

2⃣ : `Canada`

3⃣ : `UK`

4⃣ : `Europe`

5⃣ : `AUS-NZ`

6⃣ : `South-America`

7⃣ : `Asia`

8⃣ : `Africa`

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Welcome to New Right Network!
To access text and voice channels you must be roled. Choose one to access the server.

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