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2018-11-26 07:40:54 UTC  

whats more important....democracy or defending your self?

I want to hear russia's point of view. I could see ukraine instigating this.

2018-11-26 10:47:12 UTC  

The Ukrainian cries out as he strikes you.

2018-11-27 03:04:56 UTC  

@MeowffenฯŸฯŸโ„ขยฉยฎ would you like to tell me how I did the its ok to be white march wrong?

2018-11-27 03:05:57 UTC  

@LibertyGirl1776 thank you for sticking up for me and my group

2018-11-27 04:11:02 UTC  

the only thing I can think of is the camera man talking but I don't think it was a big deal and he got told to shut up if I recall. Otherwise props to you guys for doing it.

2018-11-27 17:35:01 UTC  

@SIG thank you, we always do activism when called upon and yes our young camera man is a bit of a chatterbox lol

@14 Heart Dont get me wrong, u did fine, but If I were u I would have not used bandanas and only have had the its ok to be white signs and absolutely nothing else that differentiates from bystanders

2018-11-28 05:43:20 UTC

2018-11-28 05:55:02 UTC  

@MeowffenฯŸฯŸโ„ขยฉยฎ itโ€™s Goys like me that fight for weaklings like yourself and that donโ€™t phase me....... what phases me is that fact that the admins keep gutless cowards that donโ€™t do shit in these servers that are supposed to be pro Pat Little/pro freedom from Jewish tyranny. Iโ€™m going to give Patrick Little a phone โ˜Ž๏ธ call because this server should not exist. Iโ€™m probably start my own with Pats permission if shit like this is allowed to continue. I AM NOT YOUR ENTERTAINMENT! Iโ€™m a Warrior fighting for those that can not fight for themselves!

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