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there u go :^)

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this is uplifting for some reason

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Get me back in the interrogation room

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The lyrics are actually really nice

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I got a phone call and discord messed me up

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I can't drag you from chat.

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They're about a small maiden named Erika, and the soldier who thinks of her on the battlefield.

2017-02-08 00:05:00 UTC  

Not at all fascist tbh

2017-02-08 00:05:29 UTC  

On the heath, there blooms a little flower
and it's called Erika.
Eagerly a hundred thousand little bees,
swarm around Erika.
For her heart is full of sweetness,
a tender scent escapes her blossom-gown.
On the heath, there blooms a little flower
and it's called Erika.

2017-02-08 00:05:35 UTC  

Back at home, there lives a little maiden
and she's called Erika.
That girl is my faithful little darling
and my joy, Erika!
When the heather blooms in a reddish purple,
I sing her this song in greeting.
On the heath, there blooms a little flower
and it's called Erika.

2017-02-08 00:05:42 UTC  

In my room, there also blooms a little flower
and it's called Erika.
Already In the grey of dawn, as it does at dusk,
It looks at me, Erika!
And it is as if it spoke aloud:
"Are you thinking of your fiancée?"
Back at home, a maiden weeps for you
and she's called Erika.

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Are you Mike Pence?

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Mike "100 Watts if you like cocks" Pence

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My only advantage is that I'm deep undercover here. RIP me

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But I'ma raging homo and electric shock is one of my fetishes

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Meme magic

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Kek is with us, guiding us, uniting our paths

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Also brb

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"Sorry guys i normally only post on /r9k/ i'll never post here again"

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Fucking wasted gets

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Got propaganda idea

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the MCGA was at least ok

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So you know how the left is saying how punching Nazis is an American tradition

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isn't owning slaves also american tradition?

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but ye

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Remind them that America punched Nazis for 4 years and Commies for 70

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Guys, wtf. We can't look like we're affiliated with Richard Spencer

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