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2017-03-24 17:15:14 UTC  


2017-03-24 17:15:32 UTC  

I think it should be scrapped

2017-03-24 17:15:57 UTC  

it looks like one of those carnival things with the clowns where you knock the teeth in with baseballs

2017-03-24 17:16:07 UTC  

why not do the first design without the annyoing black box

2017-03-24 17:16:15 UTC  

the text will have a black outline

2017-03-24 17:16:21 UTC  

first design is far too noisey

2017-03-24 17:16:27 UTC  

and it already had a black outline

2017-03-24 17:16:27 UTC  

That would look the best IMO

2017-03-24 17:16:40 UTC  

I mean the massive black text box

2017-03-24 17:16:48 UTC  

I know

2017-03-24 17:16:57 UTC  

the stripes under text is terrible

2017-03-24 17:17:02 UTC  

even with the black outline

2017-03-24 17:17:04 UTC  

it's hyper noise

2017-03-24 17:17:06 UTC  

Just get some old red scare images

2017-03-24 17:17:35 UTC  

yeah those are probably a lot better of an idea to build up a bumper sticker from

2017-03-24 17:17:59 UTC

2017-03-24 17:18:12 UTC  

could easily have the image on the side with the text going from the middle to a side, gives it's own fade to brown sort of thing easily

2017-03-24 17:18:36 UTC  

try a different font entirely

2017-03-24 17:18:45 UTC  

eh that one's a little noisey for a bumper sticker but putting it on a poster would be great

2017-03-24 17:18:57 UTC  

and you'd have to ask darty to change the font kek

2017-03-24 17:19:02 UTC  

and you can still make it look like its projected onto the flag

2017-03-24 17:19:20 UTC  

ill ask him

2017-03-24 17:19:20 UTC  

the projection on the flag is the problem though

2017-03-24 17:19:26 UTC  

well one of them

2017-03-24 17:19:52 UTC  

noise is really important to avoid for making text not just readable but a positive response

2017-03-24 17:20:10 UTC  

you can have a little like say stained paper but not much more

2017-03-24 17:20:15 UTC  

then use royal purple instead of white on black border

2017-03-24 17:20:16 UTC

2017-03-24 17:20:42 UTC  

yeah that works because the lines don't intersect the text

2017-03-24 17:20:55 UTC  

it actually segments them

2017-03-24 17:20:57 UTC  

so no noise

2017-03-24 17:21:21 UTC  

it also ties in subtly with fashwave style

2017-03-24 17:21:39 UTC

2017-03-24 17:21:39 UTC  

As far as bumper stickers go, Infowars has a solid ├Žsthetic

2017-03-24 17:22:18 UTC  

it's p good
the colors are mute enough to not stand out ala stained paper level of noise

2017-03-24 17:25:35 UTC  

Super pretty

2017-03-24 17:25:41 UTC

2017-03-24 17:25:54 UTC  

Pin plz

2017-03-24 17:28:39 UTC

2017-03-24 17:37:19 UTC  

Last attempt