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2018-12-02 03:51:56 UTC  

<:Cross:578819340309102593> This is a quaint little discussion discord For chatting about certain topics such as Redpills, Religion, Christanity, Music, Art, Memes, Politics. Etc <:Cross:578819340309102593>

<:Church:578816227158523905> Rules <:Church:578816227158523905>

-No porn or nsfw content at all, No degeneracy

-We should all act as we are all pals! dont be rude to people

-No discussing and posting illegal things

-Dont spam images messages etc

-No thots or E-Girls

-Dont use Gods name in vain (No Blasphemy)

-You must have a PFP

-No raiding or inciting raids its against the Tos

2018-12-02 04:00:22 UTC  

Feel free to be edgy but stray from violence or shooter jokes,
I have no problem with that kind of humor, its just that you can get into trouble nowadays with big brother watching all the time,
They are always watching keyword searching with bots, Be careful brothers.

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@everyone If you see someone breaking rules (Posting porn etc) or find a issue please ping a Admin <@&570037676049432576> Or a Mod <@&518649771968430104>

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