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2017-02-05 15:43:25 UTC  

heh, I know teridax @Keroko. Yes @D3VNT

2017-02-05 15:43:27 UTC  

I used to be one of them

2017-02-05 15:43:33 UTC  

RIP vince

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2017-02-05 15:43:37 UTC

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2017-02-05 15:43:58 UTC  

"HANDS UP" does not mean "reach for the killswitch under the desk"

2017-02-05 15:44:06 UTC  

retard shouldn't have gone for his killswitch

2017-02-05 15:44:11 UTC  


2017-02-05 15:44:20 UTC  

Best way to mess with Antifa is to get pics and build a database on them then dump all there info online leaving them constantly in fear and looking over there shoulder.

2017-02-05 15:44:33 UTC  

doxxing is the way of the left, steven

2017-02-05 15:44:47 UTC  

They made a flyer with some dudes information on it

2017-02-05 15:44:50 UTC  

Agreed @Steven, but can we agree on no more self-doxing info please?

2017-02-05 15:44:56 UTC  

It used to be the tool for lulz seekers

2017-02-05 15:44:58 UTC  

oh i do that also

2017-02-05 15:45:15 UTC  

When raiding was done for the sole purpose of obtaining luls

2017-02-05 15:45:17 UTC  

on my self?

2017-02-05 15:45:19 UTC  

While chivalry is dead, the dox is the way of the coward.

2017-02-05 15:45:30 UTC  

But muh luls

2017-02-05 15:45:34 UTC  

"Collectivist: You are specifically labeled as either a Syndicalist, Communitarian, Tribalist, Volunteerist, Ethnocentric, or Primitivist." uhh help

2017-02-05 15:45:36 UTC  

I've thereotically done it @Nyanko

2017-02-05 15:45:37 UTC  

But my "nypa" threads

2017-02-05 15:45:46 UTC  

I miss entire threads spammed with NYPA

2017-02-05 15:45:48 UTC  

trust me @D3VNT

2017-02-05 15:45:51 UTC  

Way of the coward? Whats your suggestion on dealing with Antifa?

2017-02-05 15:46:00 UTC  

The moral highground.

2017-02-05 15:46:09 UTC  

I feel I have the local antifa looking for me because I raided their page on normiebook

2017-02-05 15:46:12 UTC  

Letting antifa destroy their own pr

2017-02-05 15:46:17 UTC  

And making sure the whole world sees it

2017-02-05 15:46:26 UTC  

You dont win wars with that kind of highground m8 @Verm

2017-02-05 15:46:32 UTC  

doxing and non violent, most of these retards hide their face for a reason @Steven

2017-02-05 15:46:33 UTC  

war is dirty business

2017-02-05 15:46:34 UTC  

Then collect evaden of illegal activity and turn them over to law enforcement.

2017-02-05 15:46:36 UTC  

@keklefrog You ought to see if you could join them

2017-02-05 15:46:37 UTC  

My whole thing, is okay, we're trying to attract normies, I don't agree but fine. What if too many niggers and shitskins join up?

2017-02-05 15:46:46 UTC  

Let them?

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2017-02-05 15:46:56 UTC  

Once antifa is gone, so are we

2017-02-05 15:46:58 UTC  

Becasue why not

2017-02-05 15:47:01 UTC  

We unify, spread our word. Get counterprotests going and peacefully protest while they chimpout or even attack us. The media won't be able to spin their shit forever.