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2018-08-31 01:19:12 UTC  

I could say that oftentimes it's a response to other things going on in their lives that seem unrelated at first.

2018-08-31 01:19:38 UTC  

I always like to talk about this one time I was under a lot of stress from both army and home, and developed a ghost pain on my leg due to it.

2018-08-31 01:20:26 UTC  

It's one of those weird cases where something weird is caused by something that people won't at all guess on the first try, unless they got a fuckton of experience with such cases.

2018-08-31 01:20:57 UTC  

After I lowered my stress a bit, the pain started to go away, and it's been ages since I felt it.

2018-08-31 02:52:34 UTC  

Hey, what do y'all think of tulpas

2018-08-31 02:52:46 UTC  

Glad you got de-stressed though

2018-08-31 03:44:40 UTC  

I dunno what a tulpa is. Is it some kind of fancy dog?

2018-08-31 03:49:51 UTC  

Kek. It's like DID that you can control

2018-08-31 04:18:51 UTC  

Oh, I just read a small bit of some stuff on Google. Sounds kinda interesting, although I'm not really sure how real such things are. Like, how real they can be proven to be.

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lmao sup

2018-08-31 05:09:44 UTC  

whats with the edgy emojis

2018-08-31 05:11:08 UTC  

shut up bitch

2018-08-31 05:11:23 UTC  

this server is for cool kids only

2018-08-31 05:11:24 UTC  

y-yes daddy

2018-08-31 05:11:38 UTC  

that's better

2018-08-31 05:12:06 UTC  

your gay

2018-08-31 05:12:30 UTC  

in that case you do not exist

2018-08-31 05:12:42 UTC  

you were raped by a woman

2018-08-31 05:12:53 UTC  

I already asked to get me some B A S E D anime emojis here, but they just said my petition was gay and laughed at me

2018-08-31 05:12:58 UTC  

you are 5'5 and were powerless to stop her

2018-08-31 05:13:21 UTC  

okay, 5'5 is rude

2018-08-31 05:13:29 UTC  

he called me a bitch!

2018-08-31 05:13:59 UTC  

you daughter of a cuck

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oy vey goy

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keep that filthy gentile mouth shut or i'll call the jidf

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Hm, someone *could* make an animated emoji where there's <:jew:356189799620804609>, then a little smoke poof, the <:jew:356189799620804609> is gone and a <:jew:356189799620804609> appears behind the smoke.

2018-08-31 05:38:45 UTC  

Although only nitrofags would be able to use it, and supporting Discord is like cheering someone pointing a gun at your right ball, so... yeah.

2018-08-31 05:40:07 UTC  

someone made a similar joke long ago using the message edit

2018-08-31 05:40:55 UTC  

I think I've done it once or twice in 20AD.