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Is there any hard evidence that this van belongs to the suspect?

2018-10-26 22:09:12 UTC  

Probably no hard evidence @Image of the Invisible bro was on roids...

2018-10-26 22:12:10 UTC  

... last I heard this morning watching it live, they said they found a van and fbi was taking it. Now there’s people saying the van has been parked there overnight for a year and other people are saying they’ve seen it driving around the last few weeks... at some point someone on tv or twitter said it was his van and people ran with it, but doj and fbi presser didn’t mention anything about it.

2018-10-26 22:14:09 UTC  

When other cars are being set on fire for trump 2020 stickers, I find it hard to believe this van would be allowed to survive let alone not be reported since first package was found on Monday.

2018-10-26 22:15:08 UTC  

Convenient timing for a plant but I was wondering if there was any proof of registration or photos of him driving it

2018-10-26 22:16:09 UTC  

Of course that would be asking too much

2018-10-26 22:40:40 UTC  

Has anyone figured out what FAKE Q posts this fake and gay MAGA booger had on his back window?
There's no way he was smart enough to find 8chan on his own.

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What photo are you referencing that you think is from an 8chan post?

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First, they don't match

2018-10-26 22:49:22 UTC  

Second, the van he drove around town did not have what appears to be 8chan posts on it.

2018-10-26 22:49:48 UTC  

Third, the one the FBI is parading around does.

2018-10-26 22:51:59 UTC  

The only thing missing from this guy's life was a Q post or something similar to tie him to the "Q crazies."
Well they might have made sure the van had that last piece of the puzzle in that FBI picture.

2018-10-27 01:15:28 UTC  

We don’t know he drove around it but the stickers had been worn out and changed obvs.

2018-10-27 03:34:52 UTC  

van was planted

2018-10-27 03:35:10 UTC  

such visual obstructions were illegal to state law

2018-10-27 03:54:20 UTC  

Exactly @SirW00f

2018-10-27 03:55:15 UTC  

the whole 'bomb deliveries' event was a ff...but not for the rest of us, it was for those still not redpilled yet
news chopper following the van going from autozone in township of plantation to fbi branch office...airs on most if not all news networks....then cuts to potus speech at black conservatives convention - symbolizing to the non red pilled that leaving the plantation isn't the end, it's to expose the farce of the dems

2018-10-27 03:55:38 UTC  

also it's free ad space for 8chan to the general public

2018-10-27 03:56:13 UTC  

van happened to be seen with different stickers around the area, but non had 8chan stickers on it til today

2018-10-27 03:56:42 UTC  

news agencies trying to figure out the changes in the stickers from before today

2018-10-27 06:09:54 UTC  

This is a false flag meant to take our attention off something? Who’s selling off all their shares, why is the dow dropping, which big cabal players are liquidizing their funds???

2018-10-27 06:10:30 UTC  

he had 8ch stickers on the van?? i hadnt heard that before

2018-10-27 06:11:00 UTC  

False flag

2018-10-27 06:11:07 UTC  

Big time

2018-10-27 06:11:41 UTC  

Distracting attention,

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And my oh my did the caravan coverage disapate

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well the caravan was a FF too

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We aren’t falling for their shit anymore