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How dare you offend me

2018-11-07 05:37:49 UTC  

You can shitpost if you want to! But you can leave your friends behind!! Cuz if your friends dont shitpost and if they dont shitpost then there no friends of mine

I must imply for you to shit poast MOAR @JollyFeed

2018-11-07 05:38:10 UTC  

2018-11-07 05:40:13 UTC  

Nah, I'm good.

2018-11-07 05:40:27 UTC  

But you're not

>im still here

>not shit poasting

2018-11-07 05:42:15 UTC  


2018-11-07 05:42:24 UTC  

Okay. So real talk. what’s going to happen with devin Nunez and the Lisa page/stzork dossier ?

beep boop doopity *error faggot not recognized*

2018-11-07 05:43:25 UTC  

***Several people are typing...***

2018-11-07 05:43:38 UTC  

The last ditch effort of an actual shill. Deplete all conversation to meaning accusations.

>project more

2018-11-07 05:44:01 UTC

2018-11-07 05:44:20 UTC  

Fucking cucks everywhere in here. Changed so much.

2018-11-07 05:44:22 UTC  

Because your shit posting is boring. All you do is repeat nigger, faggot, kike ad nauseam. There is such a thing as adjectives. Just sayin. Try working on your punch lines and I may become interested.

Please if you want a dissertation of every Q post explaining a bias of whi you are trying to prove the opposite I am not going to waste my lovely time @DEADRINGER

2018-11-07 05:45:40 UTC

2018-11-07 05:45:46 UTC  

Isn’t there some modfag who has been kikemoted to head cuck who can remove the shills? Jeez gues.

2018-11-07 05:45:46 UTC  

🆙 | **DEADRINGER leveled up!**

We dont ban nigger

because we like to play with everyone at the playground

even if it means letting the retard come to the plate

2018-11-07 05:46:49 UTC  

Such heroism. Real honor

2018-11-07 05:47:03 UTC  

Discord vet fag

You got it <:trumpOK:498239491589537821>

>classic shill REBOOT

2018-11-07 05:55:20 UTC  

Sairen De CruorToday at 11:54 PM
What if i wanna look like a half baked angel thot who had god jizz sparkles all over me like a twilight vampire? is that included or do i need to order like a 2nd package.

2018-11-07 05:55:59 UTC  

lol yeh he's a channer troll alright lol

2018-11-07 05:56:24 UTC  

Sairen De CruorToday at 11:55 PM
I was in the original De Cruor, i can take anything those Incels have for @Lucifer Inlustris

2018-11-07 05:56:41 UTC  

challenge accepted lol

2018-11-07 05:59:48 UTC  
2018-11-07 06:00:14 UTC  

hop on in sai

2018-11-07 06:08:21 UTC  

Can i have permission to frogpost

2018-11-07 06:08:32 UTC  

I haz pepes

2018-11-07 06:08:54 UTC  


2018-11-07 06:13:06 UTC