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2019-01-03 03:57:25 UTC  

this site looks bogus af, but...

2019-01-03 06:20:00 UTC  

Pls refrain from shilly posts from Sorchs Faal and —> 100% garbage

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2019-01-03 07:52:41 UTC  

oh fuck wrong one

2019-01-03 07:52:58 UTC  

there ^

2019-01-03 09:41:48 UTC  

Thanks for the Homemade Gas Video!

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2019-01-03 13:46:27 UTC  

Thanks Stedly, going back to the gold standard would be nice. But It would me a reset of the Dollar. A turn in of all green backs for new blue backs for example. (Snake Pilson reference).

2019-01-03 14:23:30 UTC  

Any star chart experts in here?

2019-01-03 14:26:24 UTC  

This bright star on the right is an anomaly. Early morning over Los Angeles. It does not orbit with the stars but rather follows the earth rotation. It’s weird but very cool.

2019-01-03 14:26:57 UTC  

It’s been up at around 5am for at least 4 days now.

2019-01-03 14:48:32 UTC  

Ya thats a great bill @stedly...shows some at least consider returning to the gold standard

2019-01-03 14:48:41 UTC  

(HR 5404)

2019-01-03 14:49:23 UTC  

Cheers to the new Senate today! Hopefully we start getting some action. Also, I think yesterday was the 10th day of the govt shutdown

2019-01-03 14:52:05 UTC  

13th day of the shutdown, hope it goes longer then the wall

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2019-01-03 15:39:16 UTC  

@S0NS0FLIBERTY USA that may be Mars (morning star)

2019-01-03 15:39:37 UTC  

Does it flicker?

2019-01-03 15:40:09 UTC  

Usually seems faintly red/orange

2019-01-03 15:41:18 UTC  

I used to work the graveyard shift and noticed something similar. Asked my father (starfag) and he explained it to me.

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Omg you beat me to it!

2019-01-03 17:21:20 UTC