Message from Ilya Muromets in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-08-22 06:07:47 UTC  

that seems cheap, wonder if its shit.

2017-08-22 06:10:14 UTC  

I'd get a full plain blade, serration is annoying

2017-08-22 06:10:21 UTC  

but ka-bar is generally pretty good

2017-08-22 06:14:24 UTC  

yeah seems good enough to carry

2017-08-22 06:15:02 UTC  

mlok prevents me a bayonet so i ruled out looking at those

2017-08-22 06:15:35 UTC  

you have any large fixed knives you prefer?

2017-08-22 06:18:07 UTC  

those are pretty cool

2017-08-22 06:18:22 UTC  

no guard is a bummer but i might scope that brand out a bit

2017-08-22 06:20:52 UTC  

i don't like guards

2017-08-22 06:20:59 UTC  

don't fight with a knife

2017-08-22 06:21:01 UTC  

it's a tool

2017-08-22 06:22:41 UTC  


2017-08-22 06:22:47 UTC  

it is a tool

2017-08-22 06:23:01 UTC  

hmm well if i like guards, any recommendations?

2017-08-22 06:23:20 UTC  

im picking yuor brain to see what other knives you like

2017-08-22 06:24:04 UTC  

this brand has always gotten good reviews, never really handled one though, seems like a good choice on the budget end

2017-08-22 06:26:38 UTC  

yeah i like a classic k bar

2017-08-22 06:26:48 UTC  

id have to get case additionally

2017-08-22 06:26:53 UTC  

but thats always been a solid knife

2017-08-22 06:27:07 UTC  

the polymer might be cool too

2017-08-22 06:30:30 UTC  

I think these morakniv options are better TBH

2017-08-22 06:30:35 UTC  

steel looks better

2017-08-22 06:31:25 UTC  

i feel like someone else told me about that brand the other day too

2017-08-22 06:31:32 UTC  

im gonna scout out their inventory

2017-08-22 06:35:22 UTC  

@Ilya Muromets I would buy a camp knife before a fighting knife, and also have a machete

2017-08-22 06:35:35 UTC  

for actual brush clearing and such

2017-08-22 06:36:23 UTC  

lol what is this link

2017-08-22 06:36:39 UTC  

what defines a camp knife for you

2017-08-22 06:36:51 UTC  

and machetes are great

2017-08-22 06:39:55 UTC  

camp knife = sturdy build, plain edge, good handle

2017-08-22 06:40:00 UTC  

no guard

2017-08-22 06:40:29 UTC  

you woudn't use it for hacking/choping type stuff

2017-08-22 06:40:38 UTC  

and knife fighting is dumb IMO

2017-08-22 06:41:05 UTC  

yeah it is

2017-08-22 06:41:17 UTC  

something to split kindling with

2017-08-22 06:41:29 UTC  

and cut up rabbits for stew