Message from D'Marcus Liebowitz in Vibrant Diversity #rules

2017-06-23 07:12:51 UTC  


2017-06-23 07:12:59 UTC  

**1)** Do **NOT** advocate or plan violence or harassment. You **WILL** be banned.

2017-06-23 07:13:05 UTC  

**2)** Do **NOT** do street-shitter (Indian) accents.

2017-06-23 07:13:13 UTC  

**3)** This is a **Drama-Free** discord. There will be no talking about Alt-Right drama. It does no good for anyone. Focus on preserving our race instead. End of fucking story. If you have a problem with someone inside or outside the chat then keep it to yourself or PM me about it. If I see you shit talking other Alt-Right people or creating drama even outside of this server I will take that into consideration as well. I don't want shit-stirrers in here.

2017-06-23 07:13:21 UTC  

**4)** Do **NOT** screen-cap the text channel or transmit/record the audio.

2017-06-23 07:13:28 UTC  

**5)** Do **NOT** Mic-Cuck. One at a time!

2017-06-23 07:13:34 UTC  

**6)** Do **NOT** hero-worship over notable figures or thirst-post over 3-Ds. Do **NOT** PM them or tag them relentlessly.

2017-06-23 07:13:39 UTC  

**7)** I'll handle invites. If you want to suggest someone then DM me privately about it. If I don't respond, that's probably a no. Don't be butt-hurt if I don't invite them.

2017-06-23 07:13:45 UTC  

**8)** Keep Op-Sec. Do **NOT** post doxy pictures of yourself or anyone else. Don't mention your or anyone else's real name, location, or information about events that you or anyone else is going to. If someone mentions details like this, keep it to yourself.

2017-06-23 07:13:51 UTC  

**9)** Put all gory or risque images and anime-titty crap in the oven channel.

2017-06-23 07:13:56 UTC  

**10)** Try to avoid arguing over conspiracy theories, economics, or religion.

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