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With the preference for oxen as engine of ploughing there was no real need to construct a harness system which would allow the horse to pull a plough. The major problem with using either the dorsal yoke or the neck yoke to harness an equid to a plough is really the point of attachment. In wagons and carts the point of attachment was reasonably far off the ground, whereas for ploughs it is almost at ground level.

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Also romans had horse drawn carts they already had a form of harness

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And the horse was an improvement

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we are talking about the Farming techniques that exploded in innovation after the Roman empire fell

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Damn that's some trivia level stuff.

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And how more food was produced in that timeframe after

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Well, we *were* talking about the origins of the Enlightenment

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So more time means more time for thinking I'm guessing is the idea.

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>When a grey is better than a green

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Speaking of which.... Why are you still green?

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But still the dark ages are marked with an over european cold spell.

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Thats why

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wut mate

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Also this isnt <#372513679964635138> convo

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Racism is why i am green. Yall racist against gobbo slayers

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Survive -> More time -> Enlightenment -> Advances in politics

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You are feeding a false enlightenment Era narrative that attempted to tear down everything that came before it. If you look at the inventions during the "Darks Ages" alone you can see that this narrative is a lie.

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The CANNON Mother fucker

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The stirrup imported from China in the sixth or seventh century and improved in the eighth by the Franks, and the saddle, whose design met significant improvements in the West. Both advances made the Western heavy cavalry an almost invincible weapon

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Lmao taking claim for chinese advancement

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Chinese failed time and time again to use their inventions to any advantage

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And show me the person who imported it from China

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ProTip you cannot

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Europe was definitely inventing a lot during the pre-enlightenment era, but there WAS a small 'ice age' @DanConway

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The article litterally says it was you nob

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I was using this as an example

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they are making a historical assumption

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With very little evidence to support it

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I thought you were a skeptic

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@Fitzydog Im not disagreeing with that

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k, I felt like it was glossed over too quickly.

I'm sure it DID have quite an effect on crop harvests for several decades

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Pretty sure humans have been inventing since before they were even considered human.

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It's a constant improvement process.

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lol that was "the distributists" point

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It also allowed storage and breeding processes for this timeframe to improve