Message from Zeiger in Montreal Storm #general

2016-08-28 00:04:15 UTC  

i sent you the invite a week before the first meeting, at least

2016-08-28 00:04:20 UTC  


2016-08-28 00:04:25 UTC  

what's done is done

2016-08-28 00:05:10 UTC  

I joined the chat on DS and was waiting for something to develop. I just seen the link to this.

2016-08-28 00:05:35 UTC  

didn't i direct-message you the link?

2016-08-28 00:05:51 UTC  

I didn't check the forum til now.

2016-08-28 00:06:08 UTC  

I seen that social isolation article that was just posted and it reminded me.

2016-08-28 00:07:47 UTC  

Ya looks like you sent me the link like 2 weeks ago.

2016-08-28 00:08:33 UTC  

oh well, that's life

2016-08-28 00:08:44 UTC  

anyway, this is the montreal chat

2016-08-28 00:09:04 UTC  

right now it's mostly for the stormer book club

2016-08-28 00:09:16 UTC  

that may change and expand soon

2016-08-28 00:09:41 UTC  

there is a possible merger between the book club and the pool party (from TRS)

2016-08-28 00:09:53 UTC  

me and chapman are in both

2016-08-28 00:10:22 UTC  

around 15 people in total

2016-08-28 00:10:26 UTC  

a good size!

2016-08-28 00:11:40 UTC  

Alright cool. I'll check this chat every day or two to stay updated.

2016-08-28 00:11:52 UTC  


2016-08-28 23:32:59 UTC  

Hey just joined in. Not very familiar with this chat, how private is it?

2016-08-28 23:33:16 UTC  

it's encrypted

2016-08-28 23:33:27 UTC  

though, anyone with the link can join

2016-08-28 23:33:35 UTC  

though, the link expires after 24h

2016-08-28 23:34:09 UTC  

everyone in this chat is either from dailystormer, or therightstuff

2016-08-28 23:34:15 UTC  

i've met most of them personally

2016-08-28 23:36:04 UTC  

Kk j'pourrais te donner mon # de cell? Pcq j'suis pas toujours branché.

2016-08-28 23:36:25 UTC  

Ou bein cest pas trop recommandé?

2016-08-28 23:36:37 UTC  

bin, pour quoi? pour les meetings?

2016-08-28 23:36:48 UTC  


2016-08-28 23:37:01 UTC  

juste a checker le chat une fois toute les qq jours

2016-08-28 23:37:13 UTC  


2016-08-28 23:37:15 UTC  

je vais mettre un "sticky" avec les dates en haut

2016-08-28 23:37:25 UTC  

tu vois l'epingle?

2016-08-28 23:37:55 UTC  


2016-08-28 23:38:13 UTC  


2016-08-28 23:38:46 UTC  

The next meeting is saturday afternoon. Le prochain meeting est samedi après midi. 3 sept.

2016-08-28 23:38:52 UTC  

2016-08-28 23:39:11 UTC  

en haut, maintenant, mon message est 'pin"

2016-08-28 23:40:13 UTC  

Parfait j'le vois.

2016-08-28 23:41:18 UTC  

Probably wont be able to attend saturday. Will see. But i will be passing in mtl on friday.

2016-08-28 23:44:44 UTC  

well, we can have a beer then if you want

2016-08-28 23:45:19 UTC  

or maybe go do a bit of boxing training or smt