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2016-10-25 18:36:51 UTC  

if you have sales skillls, that's the most important thing i guess

2016-10-25 18:37:04 UTC  

That's what I do lol

2016-10-25 21:52:28 UTC  

Wow greg thats seriously fucked up, do you have any idea how this company that does "personality profiling found out about you. Like how did they even gather this evidence that they used to label you an authoritarian, very bizarre fucked up stuff. Ya i've been looking into trades for awhile, even though im in school right now for something completely unrelated, trades will always be in demand and you're basically self employed so it would be very hard to get fired for your political views.

2016-10-25 22:03:15 UTC  

I dunno exactly how but it comes up when you do all those questions with the questions like " strongly or strongly disagree " with a statement plus other types of questions

2016-10-26 00:13:06 UTC  

I really didn't think it was that deep, companies keeping databases basically were they label your political positions...

2016-10-26 00:13:37 UTC  

No the companies themselves. Third party "background check" companies.

2016-10-26 00:13:51 UTC  

But they all use the same few of them

2016-10-26 00:14:24 UTC  

And they're not even political questions. They are questions about your confidence, intelligence etc.

2016-10-26 00:16:33 UTC  

ya but its interesting how they than label you as an authoritatian

2016-10-26 00:16:40 UTC  

like in a political way?

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2016-10-26 00:16:53 UTC  

And they didn't label me a threat because I'm stupid lol. I know I'm not, I have a mensa certified IQ of 145. I had to pay 90$ for that test and I did it with my ex

2016-10-26 00:17:11 UTC  

Fucking genius over here 😛

2016-10-26 00:17:49 UTC  

Authoritarian I assume meaning I do not accept things for face value and will challenge my employer when needed.

2016-10-26 00:17:55 UTC  

But who knows exactly

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2016-10-26 00:18:53 UTC  

Probably bottom line is someone smart enough and "authorotarian" enough to challenge degenerate Jewery in companies who now vastly hire minorities

2016-10-26 00:19:54 UTC  

Big companies are looking for cucked out "yes" men to just complete their tasks and not ask any questions

2016-10-26 00:20:49 UTC  

I did a marketing class back in 2004 with a professor at Vanier who said that minorities and women tend to question authority vastly less than white men because they are happy just to have a job and less intelligent in some cases. He doesn't work there anymore.

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2016-10-26 00:21:02 UTC  

i bet not

2016-10-26 00:21:35 UTC  

i actually had a teacher in cegep who would constantly make jew and muslim jokes he was from belgium

2016-10-26 00:22:38 UTC  

Ah Belgium, the (((EU))) capital and one of the most cucked out countries ever. Not even a real country.

2016-10-26 00:24:52 UTC  

ya thats what nigel barage said "your poor excuse for a country"

2016-10-26 00:27:32 UTC  

I love that British bastard

2016-10-26 00:27:45 UTC  

I love his dry British humour

2016-10-26 00:31:47 UTC  

did you see what michael moore said about trump?

2016-10-26 00:32:33 UTC  

Which time lol

2016-10-26 00:33:41 UTC  
2016-10-26 00:34:06 UTC  

its actually really good i was suprised, he makes the case for why ppl are voting trump

2016-10-26 00:39:16 UTC  

Actually that Michael Moore speech was pretty good

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2016-10-26 00:41:04 UTC  

Maybe he's not a paid shill

2016-10-26 00:41:19 UTC  

Maybe he's just a fucking real leftist wacko after all

2016-10-26 00:52:56 UTC  

Ya i wasnt expecting that at all

2016-10-26 00:53:27 UTC  

Yeah, that was good find

2016-10-26 00:54:23 UTC  

at one point he says "the enemy of my enemy is who im voting for"

2016-10-26 00:54:34 UTC  

i wonder if hes even saying that hes gonna vote for trump

2016-10-26 02:53:56 UTC  

It seems like it

2016-10-26 15:01:59 UTC  

Too bad Greg, I got a bcomm and worked in sales and marketing, worked for Oy veys a few times that took advantage and was laid off twice by the age of 27.. but now I'm studying many years to do a medical trade IN ORDER to have independence and open up my own clinic if feasible. My commerce experience will only serve me as I have to sell myself to my clients/patients and manage a business. Point is a "trade" doesn't necessarily mean Aviron blue collar plumber jobs, and you can use your sales skills to your advantage once you attain certification. Look around, there's so much out there, use this time, I never even knew about my field until a few years ago. Agree with zeiger scale down your life, I did the same (as much as I could).

2016-10-26 15:02:56 UTC