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2017-10-02 19:40:42 UTC  

And niggers

2017-10-02 19:41:14 UTC  

And you knw, jews are jews

2017-10-02 19:41:38 UTC  

thats it Vini

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2017-10-02 19:42:15 UTC  

You wanna be cool? Be orthodox

2017-10-02 19:42:16 UTC  

im watching your jew priest now

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2017-10-02 19:42:31 UTC  

Watch that scum being honnest for once

2017-10-02 19:42:45 UTC  

Only because he talks to jews

2017-10-02 19:44:44 UTC  

if I don't come back with a feedback in 1 hour, its because i converted to judaism

2017-10-02 19:46:59 UTC

2017-10-02 19:47:28 UTC  

Hope you dont convert but it wont make you

2017-10-02 19:48:00 UTC  


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2017-10-02 19:57:00 UTC  

i mean, insightful

2017-10-02 19:58:23 UTC  

Not liking the concept of heaven and earth has no relationship to its truth value. This is why Christianity is inherently fascist, it asserts Logos without respect to peoples feelings about it

2017-10-02 20:02:24 UTC  

Heaven represents the ideal vision of God for us, it is the ideal to which we collectively and individually strive, but I won't go any further since I think subtle theological concepts like heaven might fly over the head of those who offer "Heaven sounds gay af" tier arguments

2017-10-02 23:07:40 UTC  

There were signs of a second shooter

2017-10-03 00:45:01 UTC  

If you are a good boy you get to go to the good boy club and chill with all the good boys

2017-10-03 00:45:34 UTC  

That's what they tell to 7 years old yes

2017-10-03 00:45:47 UTC  

Unless its like

2017-10-03 00:46:05 UTC  

You experience spiritual bliss for all eternity

2017-10-03 00:46:20 UTC  

even then reincarnation sounds more fun

2017-10-03 00:46:48 UTC  

He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”
— Luke 22:36, NIV

2017-10-03 00:47:36 UTC  

"I came not to bring peace, but to bring a sword"

2017-10-03 00:48:08 UTC

2017-10-03 00:48:31 UTC  

Heureux qui saisit tes enfants, Et les écrase sur le roc!

2017-10-03 00:49:03 UTC  

Fucking love that one

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2017-10-03 01:32:06 UTC  

lmao what why is Slug in here?

2017-10-03 01:32:26 UTC  

who is n charge of vetting for this server is just anyone allowed in now?

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2017-10-03 02:03:09 UTC  

Date let me in. I'll be living near Montreal in the coming months.

2017-10-03 03:26:14 UTC  

Who is up

2017-10-03 03:32:26 UTC  

Right Here avoiding homework

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Imagine my suprise