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2016-09-16 04:49:21 UTC  

ya the chinks generally keep to themselves, they prefer to take over by sheer numbers and by succeeding in society

2016-09-16 04:49:41 UTC  

there is a headquarters for war veterans where i live and nows its a mosque cuz the vets cant afford it. absolutely disgusting

2016-09-16 04:52:36 UTC  


2016-09-16 16:16:13 UTC  

What's our next event or meeting guys

2016-09-16 18:28:03 UTC  

26th will be the debate party

2016-09-16 18:28:09 UTC  

there will be a bbq

2016-09-16 18:28:18 UTC  

and much merry making

2016-09-16 18:28:30 UTC  

Will be great. Will bring some meat? Time?

2016-09-16 18:28:40 UTC  

yeah, bring your meat

2016-09-16 18:28:50 UTC  

Oh shit where is it going to be

2016-09-16 18:30:04 UTC  

the debates start at 10:30

2016-09-16 18:30:12 UTC  

so, just come in the evening before that

2016-09-16 18:30:21 UTC  

i don't mind starting the event at 5-6pm

2016-09-16 18:30:30 UTC  

we'll be cooking food whenever

2016-09-16 18:30:43 UTC  

i have a very large balcony, with a bbq

2016-09-16 18:30:56 UTC  

if the weather is good, we'll eat outside

2016-09-16 18:31:09 UTC  

maybe I'll bring a projector outside too, or a monitor

2016-09-16 18:31:11 UTC  

we'll see

2016-09-16 18:33:07 UTC  

Damn 1030pm. I'll be there

2016-09-16 18:33:30 UTC  

i only hope hillary survives until then

2016-09-16 18:33:35 UTC  


2016-09-16 18:33:50 UTC  

Hey zeiger I really liked your piece about DJT Jr

2016-09-16 18:35:54 UTC  

Are we starting to have more faith in the Trump campaign hehe

2016-09-16 18:55:29 UTC  

they're certainly signaly harder

2016-09-16 18:56:24 UTC  

Good. Yeah I remember our first meeting and you were still somewhat skeptical. I really hope they are full blown Nazis

2016-09-16 18:57:15 UTC  

They aren't of course

2016-09-16 18:57:44 UTC  

Probably not but they share a lot of views

2016-09-16 18:58:16 UTC  

I think everyone could if they opened their minds

2016-09-16 19:08:20 UTC  


2016-09-16 19:09:05 UTC  

By the way how many Montreal people are we know who've actually met up

2016-09-16 19:10:55 UTC  

Those are the names in red, the Ones zeiger met anyway (verified)

2016-09-16 19:14:08 UTC  

Oh cool there's quite a few more from the first meeting

2016-09-16 19:14:58 UTC  

A couple are from previous groups. Milo and some black guy are in your profile image

2016-09-16 19:16:31 UTC  

Risky business

2016-09-16 19:16:46 UTC  


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2016-09-16 19:16:55 UTC  

Huge justification forthcoming 😉

2016-09-16 19:17:30 UTC  

Oups a daisy

2016-09-16 21:41:31 UTC  

What are you guys up to this weekend

2016-09-16 21:42:43 UTC  

Busy my man

2016-09-16 21:44:25 UTC  

working as usual