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2017-02-01 22:39:22 UTC  

i bet these goddamn IT pajeets who can barely code VB get paid 30 just cuz theyre fuckin poo in the loo shitskins who cant use a toilet

2017-02-01 22:44:05 UTC  

>everything should be free guys

2017-02-01 22:44:18 UTC  

u some kind of anarchist?

2017-02-01 22:44:28 UTC  

yes and also minimum wage should be at 15$

2017-02-01 22:44:36 UTC  

now u trollin

2017-02-01 22:44:41 UTC  


2017-02-01 22:44:51 UTC  

15$ minimum wage lmao

2017-02-01 22:44:55 UTC  

Relatable meme

2017-02-01 22:45:14 UTC  

heres a random redpill on the minimum wage

2017-02-01 22:45:35 UTC  

it does help the pajeets we export our jobs to

2017-02-01 22:45:58 UTC  


2017-02-01 22:46:54 UTC  

oh no

2017-02-01 22:46:58 UTC  

damn that trump

2017-02-01 22:47:00 UTC  

hes doing it again

2017-02-01 22:47:08 UTC  

and at the end of the day, what could be more Canadian than sabotaging your work force to the benefit of others

2017-02-01 22:47:15 UTC  

american companies will have to stop relying on h1b visas for cheap chink labor and actually hire americans

2017-02-01 22:47:19 UTC  

what a bastard

2017-02-01 22:47:31 UTC  

in b4 NASDAQ crashes

2017-02-01 22:47:35 UTC  

Don't worry, theyll all flock to Canada

2017-02-01 22:47:42 UTC  

top wew

2017-02-01 22:47:51 UTC  

its already started

2017-02-01 22:48:17 UTC  

As the US gets better, Canada will have the opposite

2017-02-01 22:48:34 UTC  

gonna get worse before it gets better fam

2017-02-01 22:48:36 UTC  

the next election can't come soon enough

2017-02-01 22:48:40 UTC  

Hopefully it will kickstart our nationalism

2017-02-01 22:48:47 UTC  

everybody vote for max

2017-02-01 22:48:49 UTC  


2017-02-01 22:48:51 UTC  


2017-02-01 22:50:24 UTC  

Hopefully it'll give Trudea enough time to fuck shit up enough that Canadians will finally have enough of his garbage

2017-02-01 22:50:33 UTC  

wew lad

2017-02-01 22:50:36 UTC  

i hope so

2017-02-01 22:50:49 UTC  

i almost had to wring the truth out of some guy at work

2017-02-01 22:50:55 UTC  

to get him to say he wants the wall built

2017-02-01 22:51:07 UTC  

this fucking country is so pozzed you gotta poke at people with needles

2017-02-01 22:51:20 UTC  

to try finding out if one might be semi redpilled

2017-02-01 22:52:17 UTC  

Yeah the culture is so fucked here that people are pretty much brainwashed to not think these thoughts

2017-02-01 22:52:34 UTC  

You really have to pull it out of them

2017-02-01 22:52:50 UTC  

yeah its disturbing

2017-02-01 22:53:04 UTC  

you just have not to be a fucking autist

2017-02-01 22:53:13 UTC  

"hey man you heard about trump hes gonna gas all the kikes"

2017-02-01 22:53:33 UTC