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2017-08-29 15:44:22 UTC  

meh we can meet somewhere and grab a pint

2017-08-29 15:44:28 UTC  

fuck it all

2017-08-29 15:44:41 UTC  

i might be going to jail anyways november wtf do i care

2017-08-29 15:44:59 UTC  

man i used to live right by honey martins hah

2017-08-29 15:45:26 UTC  

Training legs tonight so I could do a quick pint after. Carbs.

2017-08-29 15:46:19 UTC  

check your pm

2017-08-29 15:46:30 UTC  

is girouard still fucked?

2017-08-29 15:46:40 UTC  

all them cucks were yelling about the park being leveled

2017-08-29 15:47:15 UTC  

All the parks got fucked.

2017-08-29 15:47:35 UTC  

What happened?

2017-08-29 15:47:40 UTC  

i was drinking at jersey a few days ago before the whole shitstorm

2017-08-29 15:47:49 UTC  

u know that greek fucks country bar there

2017-08-29 15:49:06 UTC  


2017-08-29 15:49:16 UTC  

I think I lost something oh this thread lol

2017-08-29 15:49:27 UTC  


2017-08-29 15:49:51 UTC  

souldrinker some sort of tornado thing hit ndg

2017-08-29 15:50:21 UTC  

so how'd you get doxxed bubonic?

2017-08-29 15:50:29 UTC  

and have you had any threats?

2017-08-29 15:50:58 UTC  

Thanks doing some googles right now

2017-08-29 15:53:02 UTC  

I got doxxed by going to Charlottesville and then irresponsibly letting myself be filmed by Vice during their Cantwell interview.

No direct threats, but since there are thousands of useful idiots who believe in the "punch a Nazi" rhetoric, and that the media is legitimizing it, and that I'm apparently a Nazi... Well, let's say I'm vigilant.

2017-08-29 15:53:26 UTC  

damnnn yeah so you were with simon

2017-08-29 15:53:36 UTC  

This sergakis guy is a homo?

2017-08-29 15:53:58 UTC  

Simon is Vincent's friend?

2017-08-29 15:54:01 UTC  

bubonic thats awesome tho that you went

2017-08-29 15:54:20 UTC  

could be

2017-08-29 15:54:22 UTC  

It is, respect to you for having the balls to go

2017-08-29 15:54:25 UTC  

Sergakis is a rich landlord turned richer business owner.

2017-08-29 15:54:26 UTC  

vincent = neuro?

2017-08-29 15:54:39 UTC  

we were supposed to get together a few times .. never panned out

2017-08-29 15:54:47 UTC  

He's the other guy that got doxxed with me.

2017-08-29 15:55:03 UTC  

Is that Zeiger?

2017-08-29 15:55:31 UTC  

I saw him on video next to a Sasquatch....

2017-08-29 15:55:35 UTC  

No regrets.
I went full fash and posted the 14 words with my profile picture that caused a shit storm.
I justified it nicely.

2017-08-29 15:55:49 UTC  


2017-08-29 15:55:50 UTC  


2017-08-29 15:56:24 UTC  

damn bro you went full no fucks given

2017-08-29 15:56:52 UTC  

No choice.
I mean I am still not calling out the Jews or going full 1488.

2017-08-29 15:57:19 UTC  

I think at some point it won't matter. Guys like bubonic are clearing a path for the rest.

2017-08-29 15:57:54 UTC  

But I knew cucking out wouldn't help me. I'm in now with no going back.

2017-08-29 15:58:32 UTC  

yeah you cant go kessler and blame ambien and xanax

2017-08-29 15:58:33 UTC