Message from goygicy in tradworker #cryptoautism

2018-01-02 22:19:54 UTC  

I'll be buying in the middle of the night

2018-01-02 22:19:57 UTC  

seems likea good idea

2018-01-02 22:20:08 UTC  


U have to get coinbase and buy BTC, then transfer it to binance to buy TRX

2018-01-02 22:20:48 UTC  

How do you know when to cut your losses on a day trade and move on to a different one?

2018-01-02 22:21:06 UTC  

or when to sell when its up vs waiting for more

2018-01-02 22:21:12 UTC  

You can buy TRX with ETH too just fyi

2018-01-02 22:22:15 UTC  

Ya, I messed up and got Litecoin, but then realized I had to get either BTC or ETH to get TRX...Dooooh!

2018-01-02 22:23:00 UTC  

I wish you could trade in LTC lol, that would be convenient

2018-01-02 22:23:37 UTC  

ETH is at a peak right now, so idk if it'll continue to climb, or go back down some, so u might wanna go with BTC, as it is in a slump, right now...if ur wanting to wait for a slump in TRX to buy in, then ETH might not be the best option (unless u already have some).

2018-01-02 22:24:04 UTC  

good point

2018-01-02 22:29:31 UTC  

I do think that TWP should try to implement a goal that all our members use, at least, $100 of their tax money to buy an "up and coming" alt-coin.

A small investment could yield our guys a good bit of money, especially if they day trade properly throughout said year.

2018-01-02 22:44:55 UTC  

@John Mosby I bought LTC on coinbase a few weeks ago, now I have to get some BTC on there too, which I had planned on doing anyway.

2018-01-02 22:47:07 UTC  

You can transfer your LTC to binance and buy BTC (it's better to do it on binance vs coinbase, as the binance fees are MUCH lower).

2018-01-02 22:57:37 UTC  

I'll do that then

2018-01-02 23:32:51 UTC  

ok, sold for a slight profit

2018-01-02 23:33:09 UTC  

I'm up .00001286 BTC

2018-01-02 23:34:48 UTC  

aaaand I should have held it another 5 minutes, would be better off

2018-01-03 00:14:45 UTC  


I would just keep an eye on TRX for the next 24 hours...I think it'll go back down to, at least, .0000043ish tonight...don't bank on that, but my (personal) prediction seems to match the current trends that TRX has been following the past few weeks.

If it drops to the low 400s, then I would snatch it up again, so long as it isn't in a free fall.

2018-01-03 00:15:43 UTC  

Does it fall during the night? I work overnights so I'm hoping that will be good times to buy

2018-01-03 00:15:54 UTC  

And sell during the day when there's lots of ups and downs

2018-01-03 00:46:05 UTC  

I'm keeping an eye on it

2018-01-03 02:01:41 UTC

2018-01-03 02:01:55 UTC  

how long till it makes me rich now #investor

2018-01-03 02:36:05 UTC  

2 hours and you'll have 20k

2018-01-03 03:19:44 UTC  


2018-01-03 03:21:44 UTC  


The peaks seem to happen in the morning, and the falls happen in the early afternoon...this is only TRX, and that isn't a solid estimate, by any means.

2018-01-03 03:22:38 UTC  

BTC seems to be going up quite a bit tonight

2018-01-03 03:22:55 UTC  

last i checked the high was 14889.4

2018-01-03 03:23:17 UTC  

at 15404 right now

2018-01-03 03:23:21 UTC  


2018-01-03 03:23:32 UTC  

aye i have 8 cents now

2018-01-03 03:23:36 UTC  


2018-01-03 03:23:43 UTC  

need to cash out quick

2018-01-03 03:23:58 UTC  

I have a bunch of funds in there right now, that I need to pull, but Im waiting for a peak

2018-01-03 18:06:34 UTC  

i created a server for WN crypto traders. Still very new, but would like to start pump and dumping soon.

2018-01-03 21:29:03 UTC

2018-01-03 21:29:45 UTC  

Ayyyy that's pretty good

2018-01-03 21:29:53 UTC  

I've got 6 GTX 1060s running @Jossur Surtrson

2018-01-03 21:34:27 UTC