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Hapa's are as crazy as everyone says they are

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>hapa waifu before I was redpilled

if you're dating a hapa you're already redpilled my friend

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^this tbh

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You guys poster at miami though? Based. lol. Its encouraging knowing that there are fashy goys everywhere

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We are easily 10% of the US population

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Like the polls have been indicating

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You're a bit optimistic

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I think thats a propaganda piece we need to run more often to scare the left

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"We are everywhere. We are your neighbors, we attend your universities, we serve you your coffee in the morning, we sit across from you on the subway. Even in the most liberal cities."

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Think about how much that would russle jimmies

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What's that from

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Some posters I've put around Miami before

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I'm pretty sure you ripped off fight club or something

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did i? if i did it was unconsciously

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I can't remember exactly what movie you're ripping off

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those flyers are boring wtf

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@Fevs Lemme see your flyers big guy

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RIP my printer

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>not using office depot

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I like IE's posters

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Nice aesthetic, very simple but poignant message

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I use IE's posters now I just don't feel like they convey the message completely

2017-08-29 02:47:52 UTC  

"Our future belongs to us"

2017-08-29 02:48:00 UTC  

Doesn't really mean much from a glance

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Which is exactly why it helps when it makes local news that they were at your university

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There's a sense of mystery

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But something like this, normies understand

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"Why is that bad? Why did they have to tear that down? Why should we be angry about that?"

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-looks up the phrase

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-looks up IE

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-sees links to cville