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It's fine to cooperate, but there has to be a consensus on the only important issue that matters, race. There is legitimately no situation where you would ever want to attract a cuck knight.

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Conservatives are our enemies as much as the Left

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Reminds me of the earlier discussion where some spergs complain how they'd join activism, but shirt color, or haircut or armband were a dealbreaker. They were never serious to begin with.

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I love this Hitler quote: "People have often told me: “Why do you use such a radical tone in your program?” “Because I need radical people!” They told me: “Look, if you leave out this one point, then I’ll become a member right away”, and [my answer is] that point is in there, so that you can’t become a member, because I don’t want you!”

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Speech to the officers at Platterhof.

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True. I find Cons hilarious 😂

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also the Hitler quote about trying to make 8 lame men a gladiator

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The idea of working with people who have weak ideology, they are only a drain on us

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You set your terms, and if people agree to work under them, there should be no problem. And the thing is, when there's hardcore, open NS organization organizing events, it already clears out the useless cuck knights and spineless normies. As I've said, our biggest demos were open to non-members as well, but they had to be supportive of National Socialism. And yeah, if you agree to work with TWP/NRM/NS terms, even if you're not a party member, maybe haven't attended demos before at all, you're probably pretty fucking solid demo.

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@MatthewHeimbach And a waste of resources.

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That one is for sure.

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Totally low energy.

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That's a hard mindset for Americans to break, for decades we've had a movement, with the exception of Rockwell/Piece/and a few others, that was simply racial conservativism

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But TWP needs to set the standard

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A lot of the newer "alt-lite", whatever are afraid to be subordinate to a true ideology or doctrine. If a person cannot call themselves a National Socialist, they may not be one of us.

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It's just a matter of guts, I'm tired of people who *get it* but think we can be clever

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I'd rather we just be honest and sincere

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This is who we are, this is what we believe

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Like Tommassi said, the belief in our own weakness is our greatest weakness. I could name dozens of cases where people have said we should tone it done, no one will come, it's too radical. But it's turned out to be nonsense every time. If people wanted normal party politics, maybe they join a mainstream party. If the last two years have shown us anything, it's just that people yearn for radicalism, give them the chance and they'll take it. If they are serious about saving their race.

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Any man who is looking around now and saying "well, lets just fix a few things" is a moron or a coward

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we need radical change

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I remember in 2015 after some anti-refugee demo we went to a cafe with 8 or so NRM comrades, one dude from his own literally who organization comes to sit at our table with his buddy, and goes on about how we need to keep nazis away from demos so that normies aren't scared away. He and his buddy were only non nazies in the table, p much. I just thought it was funny and illustrated well how out of touch the cucks are. Two years later, no one's heard of him, people have heard plenty of us, and didn't seem to be minding nazis at demos.

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@MatthewHeimbach I know exactly that from a friend in The UK.

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He hates how groups like National Action are brutally suppressed while Anti-FAgs and their (((Commie))) asses can parade (((The USSR))) Flag 👿

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I was so fucking butthurt about NA getting banned I just wanna see May's head on a platter, no matter the cost.

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She'd rather hunt nationalists than actual dunecoon terrorists. I've been fully 100% corbyn nazbolpilled.

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The time is approaching comrade.

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She banned me from the UK

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One more good reason.

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Well Nick Griffin says that UK folks need to head to E. Europe to prepare for the next war and retake their nation, i have mixed feelings on that, but given the Orwellian police state there, it may be the only long term option

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What is National Bolshevism?

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Griffin committed political suicide in 2009 and hasn't been relevant since.

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I have been trying to get a good grasp but I am confused.

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I think he and his templar posse whatever got kicked out of Hungary as well.

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NazBol isn't really an actual, real life thing. Limonov led a nazbol party in Yeltsin era and immediately after, but that died ages ago.

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I see.

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It's basically communism for white people.