Message from Hadrian in tradworker #tradworker

2017-08-15 02:45:29 UTC  

Probably, yeah, I'd be careful how much information you give though

2017-08-15 02:47:29 UTC  
2017-08-15 02:48:08 UTC  

don't logh in there

2017-08-15 02:48:10 UTC  


2017-08-15 02:48:50 UTC  

google docs have a security hole

2017-08-15 02:49:34 UTC  

you can log in using incognito mode, or if you're not logged into google in that browser. Otherwise it registers your gmail address

2017-08-15 02:50:14 UTC  

It's posted on twitter, tons of views I'm not that worried, but thanks for warning. My IP changes also.

2017-08-15 02:50:18 UTC  


2017-08-15 02:50:34 UTC  

its a tactic antifa has used before to dox

2017-08-15 02:51:20 UTC  

Im not as well versed as you gentleman are I assume I should get an alternate email setup.

2017-08-15 02:51:32 UTC  

I still use gmail for now

2017-08-15 02:52:02 UTC  

an alternative would be nice

2017-08-15 02:52:16 UTC  

tutanota is good for security, but the interface is terrible

2017-08-15 02:53:25 UTC  

Ill have to set one up tomorrow some time. I dont talk much with anyone from the party so im not to worried about heavy security.

2017-08-15 02:54:32 UTC might work. Swiss based.

2017-08-15 02:54:53 UTC  

could just make a sock outlook acct

2017-08-15 02:54:58 UTC  

I just got set up with proton

2017-08-15 02:55:13 UTC  

thats what Ive been using for everythign to compartmentalize everything

2017-08-15 02:55:32 UTC  

I use tutanota for alt-right stuff

2017-08-15 02:56:49 UTC  

Ill look around and see what fits. How is everyone this evening?

2017-08-15 02:57:00 UTC  


2017-08-15 02:57:03 UTC  

was good then shitty

2017-08-15 02:57:06 UTC  

losing the Stormer hurts

2017-08-15 02:57:08 UTC  


2017-08-15 02:57:32 UTC  

only was able to reconnect with a few people from sub and almost no one from stormer

2017-08-15 02:57:42 UTC  


2017-08-15 02:58:34 UTC  

I mean what the fuck had some great times last night talking to people in voice general and now its fucking gone fucking kikes fucking ruin everything excuse the f word

2017-08-15 02:59:34 UTC  

some of the people in the stormer irc are odd

2017-08-15 02:59:55 UTC  


2017-08-15 03:02:33 UTC  

Damn. Sad night. I heard the stormed thing was fake?

2017-08-15 03:02:43 UTC  


2017-08-15 03:02:49 UTC  

the hacking was fake

2017-08-15 03:02:56 UTC  

but godaddy really did pull their registration

2017-08-15 03:03:08 UTC  

and then Jewgle siezed the domain name

2017-08-15 03:03:13 UTC  

godaddy confirmed cuck

2017-08-15 03:03:34 UTC  

not sure how jewgle can get away with that

2017-08-15 03:03:36 UTC  

weev says its going to be ok though, they're getting a new domain

2017-08-15 03:03:52 UTC  

Damn. Something will pop back least we have this etc.

2017-08-15 03:03:55 UTC  

because domain names are technically leased from ICANN, not owned

2017-08-15 03:04:05 UTC  

yeah but google isnt fucking icann

2017-08-15 03:04:38 UTC  

no, but they're the registrar that daily stormer went with after godaddy