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Battle Royale was a better movie

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it's good

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i saw it at a friends house a long time ago

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Outstanding citizens

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i guess theres nothing wrong with stabbing an international criminal <:GWcmeisterPeepoShrug:403295315685539852>

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jk the parents should have been instead

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they were probably on their own at that point, south Americans have kids at like 15, they're basically adults, not like american man babies

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theres also nothing surprising a child arrives sick into US custody after being dragged across the continent and then dies

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even sicker sme are starting to use it to bash trump

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im sure theres a couple dead ass babies just sitting in the desert, hondurans will just leave it in a bush if there's no press crew around to blame America for it

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"Oh shit, my Golden Ticket stopped breathing"

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"I was going to stand behind that while throwing rocks at a cop"

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"you guys are killing us, let us in"

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the father declined further medical assistance because the boy seemed to be feeling better

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I guess they dont realize how draining it is for a baby to walk to tijuana

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fevers can come and go

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(he was probly feeling better because of receiving medication)

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do you have a link to that one?

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Sometimes the body is to weak

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"the policy of turning people away at the border is putting families in danger" <:thronk:441701565607444482>

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i saw that before @LumpyAcidFish

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"8 year old boy dies" you know what we need? A picture of a terrified girl.

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Prolly cause the "8 year old boy" was really a 30 year old man... >_> they are using eu* aging processes

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Guys, I think Broo became gay for a politician in my country

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He keeps sending photos of the dude eating or sleeping

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