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2017-08-25 22:48:37 UTC  

Waking up is a lot like a baptism in the respect that you're a new person in many ways.

2017-08-25 23:15:30 UTC  

The day is ours men! Turn the cannons on them! Turn the cannons! I yelled this along with the Rebel Yell on our march in. I felt like I was in the Pickett, Pettigrew, Trimble charge.

2017-08-26 00:29:06 UTC  

Good evening comrades

2017-08-26 00:29:08 UTC  

hows it going?

2017-08-26 00:29:49 UTC  

Going great! I have the spirit in me! Praise the Lord!

2017-08-26 00:30:11 UTC  

Going up to the spirit in the sky!

2017-08-26 00:30:41 UTC  

How are you brother ?

2017-08-26 00:31:57 UTC  

Oh doing well, cant complain at all

2017-08-26 00:31:59 UTC  

busy day today

2017-08-26 00:32:03 UTC  

but a worthwhile one

2017-08-26 00:32:50 UTC

2017-08-26 00:32:52 UTC  

You are one of my heroes brother.

2017-08-26 00:34:20 UTC  

I first met you at CPAC 2014 with Dennis and the other guy. He left the movement as far as I know.

2017-08-26 00:34:34 UTC  

Gotta get em back! lol

2017-08-26 00:35:11 UTC  

Hey Matt, good to hear you're doing well. I just got a new job myself

2017-08-26 00:35:16 UTC  

At a gas plant no less

2017-08-26 00:35:22 UTC  


2017-08-26 00:35:41 UTC  

Cantwell meme

2017-08-26 00:36:17 UTC  

Going to learn welding in addition to my electrical skills, should be a good time

2017-08-26 00:37:06 UTC  

Ah Shane Long.

2017-08-26 00:37:33 UTC  

I'm learning the art of Boxing right now.

2017-08-26 00:58:03 UTC  

right on dude!

2017-08-26 00:58:44 UTC  

1 on 5 is what I'm looking for.

2017-08-26 00:58:58 UTC  

Any updates on how we will handle police intervention at our rally, Heimbach?

2017-08-26 00:59:11 UTC  

Think we can get shut down or arrested?

2017-08-26 00:59:38 UTC  

Or, flash demo rather.

2017-08-26 01:00:19 UTC  

Waiting on talking with the League this weekend, the city doesnt require permits if we dont block the streets

2017-08-26 01:00:29 UTC  

so, we shouldnt have that much interaction with the cops

2017-08-26 01:00:51 UTC  

They have "a plan" an article says.

2017-08-26 01:01:27 UTC  

Antifa will try to quickly rally but depending on how long ours goes on they likely won't outnumber us at least.

2017-08-26 01:01:32 UTC  

Are we talking about the TWP conference?

2017-08-26 01:01:55 UTC  

Flash demo, Rob.

2017-08-26 01:02:18 UTC  

But, conference is coming as well. November its looking like

2017-08-26 01:02:22 UTC  

a public event f

2017-08-26 01:02:27 UTC  

focused on the opiod epidemic

2017-08-26 01:02:30 UTC  

and a conference

2017-08-26 01:02:53 UTC  

Very nice. I know the meth problem has hit many rural whites as well.

2017-08-26 01:03:14 UTC  

Flash Demo Rudolf Hess.

2017-08-26 01:03:16 UTC  

My family for sure. Lots of cities around me. Small towns, it's all they do for fun.

2017-08-26 01:16:46 UTC