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--- And the language of 18.2-433.2 is so broad. a "technique capable of causing injury or death to persons" includes activities as harmless as fleeing.

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The picture was for photography and literal larping purposes

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Of course, that's obvious IMO

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Still better off not putting yourselves in a position where you need to try to use exceptions in a law

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Agreed. But people with lawyers and money do this kind of thing as a form of harassment. I truly believe that is what this is, because from a legal standpoint, this is a hard case for the prosecution. It's "politigation"

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Of course that's what it is. It's lawfare.

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And i don't know if there is a Counter-sue in place, but as far as UtR police stand down, i'd consider 42 USC 1983 - Failure to intervene.

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... I'd just like to see us be on the offensive in the lawfare sphere. I'm willing to offer ideas, if nothing else.

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---- And just another thought, did u ever consider that these "paramilitary laws" could more correctly be applied with these dindu flash mobs? We've had plenty in Milwaukee (State Fair Grounds) , and unlike TWP they had actual criminal intent.

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what book do I need to start learning Esoteric Hitlerism

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@cr4ck3r IM servers are being configured right now, but we have hosted literally everything there is to know about EH in our religion .pdf section. Savitri Devi's the Lightning and the Sun is the first and most important, but it goes beyond Savitri and Serrano. I can dump some links here already:

> Savitri Devi - The Lightning and the Sun
> Savitri Devi - Defiance
> Savitri Devi - Pilgrimage
> Savitri Devi - Gold in the Furnace
> Savitri Devi - And Time Rolls On
> Savitri Devi - Impeachment of Man
> Miguel Serrano - Adolf Hitler The Ultimate Avatar
> Alfred Rosenberg - The Myth of the 20th Century
> Ron Mcvan - Temple of Wotan: The Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes

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Ironmarch will have more links when its up, I can recommend some Evola's writings on perennialism and Guenon.

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Oughta get you started.

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But Savitri, Serrano and Holzner are above the rest here, if you need to start somewhere. First Savitri, then the rest.

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>Implying the Mysteries can't just be extracted from The Bible and Theosis.

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Bog him.

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Aren't the upper class in Mexico and South America basically just Spaniards and Portuguese?

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Some of the nations upper classes are of german or Italian decent like Argentina Paraguay and Uruguay

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Right, they rarely mixed

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And if I remember right Columbia is a mix of german Italian and Spanish

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Caser is the one to talk to about that stuff he knows all that

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Isn't he white but of South America heritage?

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OfC Brazil’s upper class is Portuguese Jews

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He is of Iberian but from Venezuela

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I hear it's pretty common for the upper class to not mix with the mestizos

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The Portuguese expelled the Jews and a lot of them wen to Brazil. They still have a lot of Portuguese Roman Catholics but the Jews have the power

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Yeah the upper classes try to stay with their own people

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They see the Indios as subhumans

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Those damn Portuguese anti semites. Expelling people who dindu nuffin wrong just because they irrationally hate jews

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They kicked the Jews out wen they found out the Jews were allies with the Arabs that were being kicked out during the reconcestadora

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The Jews were garnering Muslims and funding them