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Probably their most effective tool next to finance

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Fucking Coen Brothers

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You're a little younger than me I think. Old (((sumner redstone))) of MTV fucked me good.

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Old MTV was really bad.

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Hahaha xD My generation treated MTV like it was for old people.

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Yeah, I was the old person it chewed up & spit out

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I can't watch hardly any Hollywood shit anymore, most media is off limits. I wish there were some movies made by white people without something​ sexual or deviant

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The Real World first few seasons. Getting six liberals and one conservative to live together. Then bully the conservative for twelve weeks on camera.

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With every form of degeneracy imaginable made to look like the norm

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Looking back it's no surprise I turned out the way I did, still makes me mad though.

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I had a hard time as a young person. My family set a bad example, so what the media portrayed is what I thought was normal/should aspire to. Wrong.

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I've gone from pity to hate with those not awake yet, I'm trying to get a little more forgiving & remember how I was... but the fact remains we found our way out of the maze... why the fuck can't they?

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That's where I think it helps to have life crush you

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I'm pretty good with empathy on that. Took me about two years to completely wake up.

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If things are too easy, why change?

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I just think- I was loaded & still found my way out, you fucks are dead sober & can't see anything wrong with all this?!!!

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Well you don't, those two years were an ideological hellscape.

Haha xD The more comfortable they are the less they want to.

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I definitely agree there. If you find yourself at what you think is the bitter end of things, which I have, you can sort of see a bigger picture. Maybe if you're honestly ready to die at some point you loosen the ties to the demiurge' creation and become something new.

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Beautifully put

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Phoenix from the Ash and all that

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Well let's start burning shit down

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I know that feel. You're on some intellectual level aware you used to be as bad, and theoretically there's hope for everyone, but when you look at some drooling junkie, c'mon.

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I'd rope so many people I know.

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Yes. The truth of the matter is I would always say in prison that if I was running shit I'd carpet bomb the whole place, ppl would say "but you are here" & I would say "exactly"

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Feel = so known

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A part of me roots for the return of the plague every morning.

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Misanthrope = me

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But that comes with being a biocentric

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The big reset button

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In fact I think that's what we need, bioengineers to start working on the real final solution, a germ that attacks non whites

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Think about of the earths population was reduced to only white ppl, almost all problems would be fixed over night

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Too harsh? Maybe my patience fads with age... Or maybe Spengler has altered my view

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Yeah, hopefully they get AIDS right the next time they invent it, hahaha.

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Right? Haha