Message from @JFGariepy

Discord ID: 634431614147100688

2019-10-17 16:44:43 UTC  

In general, this is a server of liberty and you should feel free to do whatever you like, including self-promotion as long as it is not abusive. There are still rules to be followed though:

1. Do not harrass, threaten, dox, or share private information from people of the server or outside of the server.
2. Do not engage in antagonistic behavior.
3. Post any NSFW pictures in <#634387290382139392> and not elsewhere. For non-sexual content that is still nsfw, you can post in <#634420893870981168>.
4. Do not post non-cute pictures in <#634416124884418600>.
5. Do not call for violence or discrimination.
6. Do not use racist slurs or other slurs.
7. Do not spam.
8. We follow the Discord TOS and guidelines:
9. Bans performed by GMOs under these rules are to be undone by the GMO who performed the ban.