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Pick one

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Somebody get Aeden in here @Justin Burger (Major-GA)

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Ayy lmao

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This is worth the read

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Region 4 has the right idea, the Atlanta regiment needs a community house.

2017-11-30 22:26:55 UTC  

What is Region 4 doing?

2017-11-30 22:31:14 UTC  

Region 4 is leading the Party forward <:bowlchad:374715684569219075>

2017-11-30 22:34:31 UTC  

They are setting up a community house, with a library, barracks, etc.

2017-11-30 22:36:13 UTC  

a community building provides invaluable benefits. Including serving as a cornerstone of fellowship, offering a private and professional gathering place for the Party and a resource center for local whites.

A battalion that has one can also theoretically host door-fee events to raise money for charity, projects etc. Also Open door community speaking events for recruiting, PR ,etc

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>meet groyper
>first picture isn’t groyper

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Also, can somebody drop me a map of the regions?

2017-11-30 22:46:11 UTC  

Just passing on some info

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Doing that exposes TWP to legal liability. Not passing judgment or telling you what to do. But it can't be here.

2017-11-30 22:56:22 UTC  

Absolutely understood, won't happen again.

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will goyfundme be back up anytime soon?

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I already called yesterday

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They fired him already

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@Justin Burger (Major-GA) its Commander Johnson.

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Its up for me.

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Ah, nice.

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How funny you have steam too. Based. And now you're in the official TWP steam group.

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I wanna join the TWP steam group nibba

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Please blow up your nearest Finnish embassy if it is within your capacity, thanks.

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no u

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Banning Parties doesn't change anything. The NRM will either appeal and win or just rebrand.

2017-11-30 23:17:22 UTC  

It would probably have an adverse effect on appealing the decision.

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It does change lot, a decade of brand building goes up in flames. But Nazism never ends, that much is sure.

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@Kombat-Unit Did it significantly change anything when the NSDAP was first banned? Sheeeit

2017-11-30 23:20:28 UTC  

That was @RexLexus and I

2017-11-30 23:21:04 UTC  

I was wondering if Lexus was involved! I'm glad to hear it. I have loads of respect for that guy.

2017-11-30 23:21:53 UTC  

Luckily this banning process wasn't something that we hadn't prepared or couldn't predict that this would happen at all. I'm sure you too would still prefer if your organization didn't get banned. The KGB could realistically just ban the new organizations under the old banning decisions if they consider them practically the same organization.

2017-11-30 23:22:05 UTC  

Downtown in the commie stronghold of Burlington

2017-11-30 23:22:26 UTC  

But I'll be briefed soon on what happens. Rest assured struggle continues in a different form.

2017-11-30 23:22:29 UTC  

Yeah, he's a great goy