Message from Spooky Lad in The Weekly Sweat #feet-chat

2018-06-09 21:50:13 UTC  

shawn is battling an account called alt right dad on twitter rn and surprise surprise he's divorced

2018-06-09 22:00:53 UTC  


2018-06-09 22:01:06 UTC  

did little really buy a plane ticket to go fight nick lol

2018-06-09 22:05:06 UTC  

no he didnt, right?

2018-06-09 22:05:38 UTC  


2018-06-09 22:06:22 UTC  

nick'll stick him with his knife if he gets too close

2018-06-09 22:08:56 UTC  

wow 300 retards in the comments

2018-06-09 22:09:45 UTC  

people want to beat upa 19 year old

2018-06-09 22:10:39 UTC  

they're brave

2018-06-09 22:10:52 UTC  

comparing a laugh to the jew laugh

2018-06-09 22:11:03 UTC  

they're trying to call him a jew lol

2018-06-09 22:11:51 UTC  

everyone that disagrees is a jew

2018-06-09 22:13:10 UTC  

The alt right has taken something as funny as racism and made it into some gay unfunny nerd shit

2018-06-09 22:13:39 UTC  

dude they've ruined everything

2018-06-09 22:13:39 UTC  

isn't it better to have a woke candidate win in any ways possible

2018-06-09 22:14:20 UTC  

Yeah how the fuck did they make anti-semitism not funny

2018-06-09 22:14:30 UTC  

hint: it's without naming the jew and apealing to what people want

2018-06-09 22:14:56 UTC  

I would take a congress full of Steve Kings before having one Patrick little type

2018-06-09 22:15:00 UTC  

no it's better to scream outside of twitter HQ and threaten to beat up teenagers on the internet

2018-06-09 22:15:09 UTC  

that's the candidate we need

2018-06-09 22:15:32 UTC  

at least they didnt take misogyny and homophobia and judging by their current state they won't make those two unfunny anytime soon

2018-06-09 22:16:21 UTC  

They're just unfunny faggots

2018-06-09 22:16:24 UTC  

Like imagine having a faction of Nationalist and/or traditionalist congressmen that you need to appease to get any legislation through.

2018-06-09 22:16:28 UTC  

they can't take homophobia, that's safe

2018-06-09 22:16:31 UTC  

The ultimate crime online

2018-06-09 22:16:54 UTC  

sure cantwell calls people faggots in the weakest way possible

2018-06-09 22:17:17 UTC  

they cant take misogyny either, ya know, the fashy huwheat field maidens

2018-06-09 22:17:25 UTC  

When all your major funders and lawyers are gay you cant be homophobic

2018-06-09 22:17:45 UTC  

they're unfunny, they're stupid, they smell bad, they're fat, they're deficient in essential nutrients, etc.

2018-06-09 22:17:50 UTC  

They will turn so fast on you and lie lie lie to ruin you

2018-06-09 22:17:55 UTC  

not exactly a fighting force

2018-06-09 22:17:55 UTC  

Lel woah man

2018-06-09 22:17:58 UTC  

the manosphere made misogony unfunny for a while, now it's making a come back

2018-06-09 22:18:07 UTC  

Wtf mineral deficiency isn't a fucking joke

2018-06-09 22:18:15 UTC  

My MOM is deficient in essential minerals

2018-06-09 22:18:23 UTC  

I'm gonna deny the holocaust in public now

2018-06-09 22:18:56 UTC  

(((they))) stole our minerals

2018-06-09 22:20:46 UTC  

If you want funny misogyny, tune into e3 this weekend

2018-06-09 22:21:04 UTC  

Everything will be women doing things they dont understand

2018-06-09 22:21:15 UTC  

Any stream comments will be top tier

2018-06-09 22:21:20 UTC  

It's great shit