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2017-11-12 05:49:30 UTC  

that may be the case, however, America from the way it was set up was destined to eventually be filled with degeneration and Marxism

2017-11-12 05:49:33 UTC  

and thus influx of nonwhites.

2017-11-12 05:49:35 UTC  

@Kamrin Nice. Which brand / model?

2017-11-12 05:49:40 UTC  

@Ian Booton that just means you get to be ground zero for the race war

2017-11-12 05:49:43 UTC  

Looking at getting a GP100 at some point

2017-11-12 05:50:03 UTC  

Ruger sp101

2017-11-12 05:50:08 UTC  


2017-11-12 05:50:44 UTC  

I traded in an old single action black hawk for it.

2017-11-12 05:51:49 UTC  

@Ian Booton

Where in the South do u live?

2017-11-12 05:52:16 UTC  

Georgia. Family's been here since before independence

2017-11-12 05:52:59 UTC  

Nice! My family are original Georgia Crackers. Settled GA about 75 years after settling Jamestown.

2017-11-12 05:53:17 UTC  

I'm in East TN, myself (TX boy, originally).

2017-11-12 05:53:20 UTC  

Damn straight

2017-11-12 05:53:25 UTC  

Hail Oglethorpe!

2017-11-12 05:54:18 UTC  

@Ian Booton

Are you TWP?

2017-11-12 05:54:25 UTC  


2017-11-12 05:54:53 UTC  


If ur ever in East TN, give me a holler.

2017-11-12 05:55:21 UTC  

Will do for sure. I'll be up that way for the AmRen conference

2017-11-12 05:56:06 UTC  

@Ian Booton i was at amren this ye plan on going again next.

2017-11-12 05:56:15 UTC  

@Ian Booton

Jacobite fo life nigga

2017-11-12 05:56:47 UTC  

Hopefully i will see u there. I am new twp

2017-11-12 05:56:59 UTC  

I'm pretty new myself

2017-11-12 05:57:13 UTC  

Been in nationalist circles for years though

2017-11-12 05:57:30 UTC  

I just hate giving a pro-Jew money i.e. jared taylor

2017-11-12 05:57:37 UTC  

Not me lol real new only been in this stuff for a yr

2017-11-12 05:57:49 UTC  

Taylor's heart is in the right place

2017-11-12 05:58:18 UTC  

I was a preper who realized it wouldnt be the zombie apocalypse but the nigger apocalypse. Lol

2017-11-12 05:58:42 UTC  

@Ian Booton taylor is a kike tool

2017-11-12 05:59:12 UTC  

Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but he's done good work

2017-11-12 05:59:14 UTC  

@John Mosby Not sure if Taylor is pro-jew per se think it's more not coming off as some extremist or whatever to keep with his academic schtick

2017-11-12 05:59:53 UTC  

You have to be woke on the JQ to be "us". Saying niggers are dumb isn't really unique or an achievement.

2017-11-12 06:00:12 UTC  

Amren was good for networking for me

2017-11-12 06:00:22 UTC  


Taylor has jews in high possitions in least he use to...I've always refused to work with them over it...same goes for the CofCC

2017-11-12 06:00:35 UTC  

I hate this phone it autocorrects stuff into oblivion

2017-11-12 06:00:36 UTC  

I bet he is woke on the JQ, just doesn't say it

2017-11-12 06:00:49 UTC  

Ah, didn't know that

2017-11-12 06:01:19 UTC  

Nah, man. I know he's booted people from AmRen for raising the JQ. All he cares about are black crime stats and money

2017-11-12 06:01:42 UTC  

But yeah i went there and picked up 2 members for local group

2017-11-12 06:01:50 UTC  

They are now twp

2017-11-12 06:02:04 UTC  

Council of Cuckolded Cohens

2017-11-12 06:02:35 UTC  

I know a lot of good local CofCC goys, but the overall org is completely ran by kikes (Sid, in particular).