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is bad!!!

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Carnegie was one of the early philanthropists

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a large part of the US public library system is because of him

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yeah I know of him, but didn't know about the book

2018-01-16 21:47:51 UTC  

putting it on the list

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the book was incredibly controversial

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if anything it seems that christianity is much closer to core tenets of socialism that it is even close to capitalism

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it is

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i was always had that thought in my head growing up but my neocon parents always washed it out

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b/c socialism = communisms

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but even in the late 19th century, there were already movements like the Pentecostals that equated poverty with punishment for sin

2018-01-16 21:51:03 UTC  

that sort of thinking spread as a way for the rich to justify keeping their riches

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About to check out Action! Ep. 3

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About to start recording for my channel soon too. Still working on some notes and ideas.

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Stay tuned.

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TRS store sneak preview goyzzz

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Ooh mama!

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@Commander Davis (TWP) one-upped me again 😉

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Great work man

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please spergs tell me how TWP hurts the movement again

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Trap Worker Party is fat and Heimbach is a communist, or something

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muh national socialism and communism are the same thing

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They eat to much

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You would think someone as witty as Anglin could come up with arguments that aren't SPLC talking points or Boomerposting

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I seen them fuckin trad workers scarf down a whole pizza in two minutes

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I think there are people out there that want to be leaders but for one reason or another failed to, now, when they see others successful they need to shit on them with some conspriacy or the nearest hit peice. (Harrold Covington, Andrew Anglin, and Sven Longshanks are in my top 10 list.)

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Ironically, all the "movement leaders" came to power without wanting it, and for the most part, without ego. Maybe the naysayers should learn from example.

2018-01-16 22:21:06 UTC  

good point

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well maybe Spencer

2018-01-16 22:21:26 UTC  

but really he just wanted to be an academic

2018-01-16 22:21:51 UTC  

and Damigo

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Damigo is a failed leader at this point

2018-01-16 22:22:20 UTC  

true, I don't think it counts as being a leader if you don't lead anyone anymore

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Well who does Covington lead? 6 people?

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Actually DERRICK

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Covington leads