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I'll read it during thanksgiving tomorrow

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AWD are good friends of ours

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Siege your local turkey.

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Just dont forget that Mason admitted in his most recent interview that lashing out is a waste of time and likely negative

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*I feel stupid for asking this* What is the AWD?

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so a lot of Siege has to be discounted, coming from the dude who literally wrote it

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atomic waffle devourers

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Im indifferent to atom waffen personally but if heimbach says they are frienfs ill regard them as such

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i'm one of those nuclear manson cultists

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I like y'all in TWP

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I mean aren't they pretty much advocating violent action? I read their manifesto thing. They don't openly but after that Islamic convert killing ordeal they have to be under watch more so than us even.

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Although i am trolled atomwaffen upstaged me

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>I mean aren't they pretty much advocating violent action?
We advocate the exact opposite.

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The book we advocate, Siege, is the ultimate "HOW NOT TO GO TO JAIL" book.

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I like what Atomwaffen stands for and they have great optics, I'm just concerned that they're probably crawling with feds after that radioactive material thing

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I went flyering a college only to discover atomwaffen had been there prior so the news lumped in twp flyers with theirs

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A Muslim killed two fellow National Socialist comrades, proof we cannot trust Sunni's at all

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Advocating for violence is a surefire way of going to jail.

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We arem

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Trust me on that.

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Hmm. Okay. They signal pretty edgy to me. If you guys trust them, fine.

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No one advocates for violence. If someone advocates for violence, they are a Fed or a moron

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I didnt think we were in a position to trust muslims yet

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We're a lot stricter than most groups.

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I don't mind edgy

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You can't trust muslims, period.

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Leave them in their own country

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Anyone here ever heard about Combat 18?

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You can trust muslims to do muslim things

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every time

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Atomwaffen is a youth based pretty edgy group, they have an entirely different purpose than TWP. Each of us has their own jobs and duties

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Blood and Honour

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Like basically what i gather if you have to gave strength before dealing with muslims because its what they respect tbh (source been to the middle east)