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2017-12-11 21:37:36 UTC  

New rule for all journos they can't include blurbs from the SPLC or ADL

2017-12-11 21:38:02 UTC  

If they want to talk to us

2017-12-11 21:38:56 UTC  

If they want to talk to us

2017-12-11 21:45:05 UTC  

"I just want to get your story" proceeds to talk to the same 5 SPLC yids at the bottom of the article

2017-12-11 21:45:49 UTC  

Okay so he ideally wants a coming out situation.

2017-12-11 21:46:06 UTC  

He wants to get a national socialist that has parents who do not know at all.

2017-12-11 21:46:30 UTC  

And cover that. Short of that, just how your parents feel about your politics.

2017-12-11 21:46:39 UTC  

ugh fuck that

2017-12-11 21:46:45 UTC  

that guy can suck a dick

2017-12-11 21:46:49 UTC  

Haha yeaaah

2017-12-11 21:46:50 UTC  

Why would anyone do that to themselves lol

2017-12-11 21:47:20 UTC  

He wants to talk to my mom badly.

2017-12-11 21:47:22 UTC  
2017-12-11 21:47:43 UTC  

And we have never had a great relationship.

2017-12-11 21:47:47 UTC  

Like your a fag , or a junkie or something

2017-12-11 21:48:03 UTC  

MTV moment

2017-12-11 21:48:39 UTC  

Exactly. He said that hasn't been done yet.

2017-12-11 21:48:48 UTC  

So it's for his benefit really. To signal.

2017-12-11 21:49:05 UTC  

And get paid. And hurt nazis.

2017-12-11 21:49:13 UTC  

He sent me a message last week

2017-12-11 21:49:29 UTC  

I think i still have them

2017-12-11 21:49:41 UTC  


5 of us went and did the activism. One of our LS goys did the filming and video.

2017-12-11 21:50:13 UTC  

@John Mosby excellent work! That’s what I’m talking about right there!

2017-12-11 21:50:19 UTC  

Wants to watch your moms shocked face and ask her " how did this happen "

2017-12-11 21:50:27 UTC  

But anyway about it hes a soy-boy fag

2017-12-11 21:50:30 UTC  

Men with scruples doing the Lord’a work.

2017-12-11 21:50:32 UTC  


2017-12-11 21:50:43 UTC  


2017-12-11 21:50:55 UTC  

What a douchebag

2017-12-11 21:54:01 UTC  


We are in a running battle with the commies over The Rock. We've hit it 6 times in the last week, and they try to cover it with some SJW or football BS.

2017-12-11 21:54:44 UTC  

We flyer the town every week, too.

I keep flyers with me at all times, and hit all the bulletin boards I know of, when I have to drive around town.

2017-12-11 21:56:22 UTC  

Probably gonna hit the Rock again tonight, tbh. Cuz they just tagged it today saying "Welcome to Rocky Top. All are welcome here".

2017-12-11 21:56:58 UTC  

We are gonna paint it as a giant Blood Banner, sometime in the near future.

Will need a bunch of paint and ppl, to do it quick.

2017-12-11 21:57:19 UTC  

@MACrusader >MTV moment
NS episode for "Intervention".

2017-12-11 21:58:02 UTC  

So should we just tell this dude to fuck off?

2017-12-11 21:58:10 UTC  

No positive gains?

2017-12-11 21:58:14 UTC  

Even publicity?

2017-12-11 21:59:18 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦

The interview sounds like a trap, if u ask me.

We can get better publicity through activism, vs some interview that he's gonna try to turn into a Dox.

Just my opinion.

2017-12-11 21:59:43 UTC  

@Kombat-Unit oh lawd lol

2017-12-11 21:59:57 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦ tell him to kick rocks

2017-12-11 22:00:04 UTC  

A solid opinion.