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2017-10-20 23:15:05 UTC  

Plus who knows how much the leftists lied about the situation

2017-10-20 23:24:08 UTC  

I'm sure

2017-10-20 23:24:23 UTC  

But you know what the Judenpresse does

2017-10-20 23:25:17 UTC  

"The victim hit the vehicle’s rear window with a baton".
Gainesville Sun
Three charged in shooting after Spencer talk
Three supporters of white nationalist Richard Spencer were arrested Thursday in connection with an incident in which a shot was fired.

"This is the new fucking normal. The "victim" went on record earlier announcing his intent to do violence against Richard Spencer supporters."-Eric Striker

2017-10-20 23:26:11 UTC  

the victim hit the vehicles rear window with a baton, is that the whole ' cry out as he hits you' routine?

2017-10-20 23:27:50 UTC  

i'm not going to counter signal them because i was not there and don't know what was running through their minds being attacked like that, but that's why pepper spray should always be carried alongside a pistol.

2017-10-20 23:28:22 UTC  

Thats a great point.

2017-10-20 23:28:36 UTC  

The antifa cries out in pain as he strikes you

2017-10-20 23:29:11 UTC  

Pepper spray is illegal in a lot of places

2017-10-20 23:30:54 UTC  

not sure about FL but its actually one of the least restricted self defense items. knowledge of the "use of force continuum" is also helpful in such scenarios

2017-10-20 23:31:25 UTC  

The idea that these guys just randomly fired a shot at counter protestors is going to need quite a bit of evidence for me to swallow it. I won't counter signal these guys at all; I'm sure they were acting in self defense. The entire event was arranged by antifa to instigate some sort of an event like this.

2017-10-20 23:32:15 UTC  

I don't like this thing Anglin and TRS have been doing with the American Nationalism thing

2017-10-20 23:32:53 UTC  

It makes me unkampfy how much they're counter signaling

2017-10-20 23:33:32 UTC  

talking about instigations and set ups, get a load of this shit lmao

2017-10-20 23:33:56 UTC  

Thats precisely what went through my mind when I saw that guy.

2017-10-20 23:34:00 UTC  

Professional actor.

2017-10-20 23:35:03 UTC  

Wait, did anybody not already know that?

2017-10-20 23:35:07 UTC  

I thought everyone knew

2017-10-20 23:35:20 UTC  

oh we did, this just confirms it

2017-10-20 23:35:27 UTC  


2017-10-20 23:37:47 UTC  

Doesn't have a scratch on him

2017-10-20 23:40:26 UTC  

was Spencer's speech announced weeks beforehand? gives time for these marxist cunts to create narratives like this.

2017-10-20 23:42:07 UTC  

I believe it was. That's precisely why we kept Bangor to a hush until the week of. We still had all of the publicity we wanted and it didn't give the commies time to put together anything meaningful.

2017-10-20 23:44:41 UTC  

exactly. everything we do on the micro and macro level should be flash style. no announcement unless its for a huge rally like Cville.

2017-10-20 23:46:48 UTC  

on that skinhead thing is fake as shit

2017-10-20 23:47:27 UTC  

No one fucking dresses like that, nor does anyone own a shirt that ugly, or use fucking old boomer braces.

2017-10-20 23:48:03 UTC  

Exactly, when someone dresses like a cartoon character you know it's a fed or an actor.

2017-10-20 23:49:20 UTC  

I thought Bangor was cancelled

2017-10-20 23:50:18 UTC  

Bangor was cancelled for a brief time, but it was brought back and executed.

2017-10-20 23:51:03 UTC  

Oh I didn't know that

2017-10-20 23:51:09 UTC  

executed with full success

2017-10-20 23:52:47 UTC  

Damn I didn't hear about it

2017-10-20 23:53:05 UTC  

They took the park, wasted tens of thousands of city dollars, spoke, flash mobbed Bar Harbor, and received television and social media. I'll post some links in a second.

2017-10-20 23:56:30 UTC  

Hmmm none of it looks like a TWP thing at all

2017-10-20 23:56:44 UTC  

I think that guy could be a legit old skin. Someone said he was legitimate at Cville.

2017-10-20 23:56:56 UTC  

I mean yeah he needs a lesson on style.

2017-10-20 23:57:10 UTC  

It was not an official TWP event.

2017-10-20 23:57:55 UTC  

But the befriending nonwhites is kinda totally white. We aren't naturally just shit heads to others. If they extend respect we can come to an understanding but that doesn't imply coexisting in one nation.

2017-10-20 23:58:59 UTC  

Two last Bangor posts and then Im done, promise