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2017-02-11 03:19:16 UTC

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2017-02-11 03:21:32 UTC  

I'll just work on affording a dominatrix session and my retarded armor concept, funny how they both cost similar amounts

2017-02-11 03:21:49 UTC  

Now i know why degens don't own firearms

2017-02-11 03:22:04 UTC  

Too busy getting professionally reamed

2017-02-11 03:23:14 UTC  

Prolly just gonna ditch the domme and buy some toys with my toys

2017-02-11 03:23:43 UTC  

Such is life in gomorrah

2017-02-11 03:24:10 UTC  

build bdsm furniture

2017-02-11 03:24:16 UTC  

sell it to fund dominatrix sessions

2017-02-11 03:24:22 UTC  

trade to dominatrix for reduced rate

2017-02-11 03:24:22 UTC  


2017-02-11 03:32:00 UTC  

I make bdsm leather goods

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2017-02-11 03:32:54 UTC  

[please no

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2017-02-11 03:33:29 UTC  

I knew a guy into giantesses

2017-02-11 03:33:30 UTC  

it was

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2017-02-11 03:37:39 UTC  

tbh i'm looking into getting a blacksmith forge set up

2017-02-11 03:38:27 UTC  

Why do you guys still use Google?Google is pozzed as fuck. I only Duck Duck Go.

2017-02-11 03:38:35 UTC  

...just how many of us are extracting shekels from the kink market

2017-02-11 03:43:53 UTC  

This is what happens when you don't racemix vs when you do. Don't be Robert DeNiro.

2017-02-11 03:43:56 UTC  

Been thinking about trying to market garage build ballistic plates as chinkshit novelties

2017-02-11 03:44:21 UTC

2017-02-11 03:44:58 UTC  

dicks XDDDDD

2017-02-11 03:47:35 UTC

2017-02-11 03:47:38 UTC  

>rick "cuck" wilson

2017-02-11 03:47:51 UTC  

anthony burch of /pol/ right there

2017-02-11 03:47:54 UTC  

@everyone anti-trump protest subreddit at /r/esist

2017-02-11 03:48:03 UTC  

4D dongdolf balls

2017-02-11 03:50:53 UTC  

@Burnside those of us who need to make some extra cash could start networking and sharing ideas and experience

2017-02-11 03:51:14 UTC  

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe Dox? They have a google doc with facebook links, could uncover funding?
(Although we already know (((who))))

2017-02-11 03:51:27 UTC  

A couple of basic points about personal security.
1. If you are using your personal facebook account for organizing in any kind of public way, consider not doing that, and creating a separate account.
2. Lock down the privacy on your personal social media accounts, including photos of you, location, etc. Take a hard look at your friend lists. Are there people on the list who see what you post, who you do not trust, or do not know? What account do you use to post comments on public posts?
3. For sensitive communications, including organizing, use the Signal app. It's free, available on the Play Store for Android, and allows easy-to-use encrypted texting, phone calls, and video, including group chats. Learn the basics of how to use it, and then use it.

2017-02-11 03:51:39 UTC  

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe archiving their info for what its worth

2017-02-11 03:55:10 UTC  

Ja voll

2017-02-11 03:55:18 UTC  

I'll do it

2017-02-11 03:57:22 UTC  

@DoctorPiss the only thing stopping me is a workspace, it's not even a time or capital issue- going to be floating the idea of excusing a loan repayment to rent part of a friend's garage

2017-02-11 03:58:13 UTC  

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