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I know that feel. You're on some intellectual level aware you used to be as bad, and theoretically there's hope for everyone, but when you look at some drooling junkie, c'mon.

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I'd rope so many people I know.

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Yes. The truth of the matter is I would always say in prison that if I was running shit I'd carpet bomb the whole place, ppl would say "but you are here" & I would say "exactly"

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Feel = so known

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A part of me roots for the return of the plague every morning.

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Misanthrope = me

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But that comes with being a biocentric

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The big reset button

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In fact I think that's what we need, bioengineers to start working on the real final solution, a germ that attacks non whites

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Think about of the earths population was reduced to only white ppl, almost all problems would be fixed over night

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Too harsh? Maybe my patience fads with age... Or maybe Spengler has altered my view

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Yeah, hopefully they get AIDS right the next time they invent it, hahaha.

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Right? Haha

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Super AIDS

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Funny when I started with NS I was very much "each race to their own space, blah, blah"
Now I'm much more "fuck everybody"

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That's where the creators "what's good for the white race is the ultimate good, what's bad for the white race, the ultimate sin" makes a lot of sense to me

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I right off the bat wanted to kill all the gypsies

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Can't ship 'em anywhere either

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Gypsies & jews were not on my list of providing safe passage to haha

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The whole Africa for the Africans bit sounds good for normies, but it's not realistic, it's only a matter of time before we are back dealing with their special brand of stupid

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Yeah, I agree. Africans cant be trusted with anything

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If they have their own Continent, they will figure out a way to nig somehow

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I'm convinced, if they all magically were there, they wouldn't need much of push to take care of themselves

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Spengler & this book "rising tide of color" are certainly making me rethink this separation idea... for now we need to separate to survive, but long term? I think it's just natures law, one force will counter another, we can't all just get along in the immortal words of the negro scholar Rodney King

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You all need to watch Addio Africa. They can't take care of themselves. They just need to be left to self-destruct.

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They are like a pack of dogs with no alpha. They just run amok.

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Pretty much what they did before their kings sold them to anyone

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Yes, that would be one way of dealing with them. I like clean breaks personally. Plus it would almost be more humane to just "deal with them" as opposed to watching them implode from a distance

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Whoops was supposed to be a picture

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Look at Liberia. After all. A country founded by freed slaves. The most dangerous place on earth for many years.

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And look at what they do to the animals & environment

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I'm unsure how I feel about that

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Those are my main concerns, fuck them