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Seems like alot of work to drown someone

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Suprised they didnt just beat them to death

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Or to the point of being crippled

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Tacitus writes in Germania how the German tribes used to execute traitors publicly as a warning and example, but dispose of "shameful" criminals more discreetly by drowning them into bogs and getting rid of them.

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Like faggots.

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And (((kikes))) 😇

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I guess you could tie them up

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Keep the honor of the fam

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"Traitors and renegades are hung on a tree ; cowards and recreants and infamous
wretches are pressed under a hurdle into the slime of a
morass and suffocated. This difference in the methods of
execution is not meaningless, the idea being that crimes
should be made a public example of, but that abomi-
nations should be buried out of sight. Minor offences
are punished proportionately, the offender on conviction
being fined in a number of horses or cattle ; part of the
fine goes to the king or to the State, part to the man
whose wrongs are being righted, or to his family."

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- Tacitus

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Ok so they would hold them down

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Pretty metal

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Kombat which book of Tacitus is that from

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Lmfwao xD

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We made it

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Limitless creativity on our side.

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So much for Chopstick Man

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How is it a leaded stick if it broke over a commies head

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Chopstick man has been pretty woke lately

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Seriously tho how disgusting is it that defending people from the systems minions makes you a felon?

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He had a jared taylor video upawhile ago

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Is Chopstick Man waking up?

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Blood: Boiling

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He seems to be going from civic nationalist to nationalist

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We shall see

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Cantwell had his OkCupid account shoah'd

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Thankfully this ever insane environment is an absolute plus for us.

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I guess no more romantic tiki torch-lit dinners for him

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We're having folks see the merits of our side.