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2017-10-30 23:20:36 UTC  

Los is great love Dr Hill i learned a lot about the true history of the war or northern aggression from his work

2017-10-30 23:27:50 UTC  

Im getting shit on pretty hard on fb by the purity spiraling shithead that we gave a free ride all the way down there. Blocked me Unfriended me too. Cant defend myself

2017-10-30 23:28:27 UTC  


2017-10-30 23:28:51 UTC  

Well that sucks but I know how that is had it happen to me from a guy I thought was a good fiend last month

2017-10-30 23:29:25 UTC  

I feel ya man. Shitty deals all around

2017-10-30 23:35:06 UTC  

The picnic was worth all of the bad shit

2017-10-30 23:35:25 UTC  

That was true beautiful organization of white men and women.

2017-10-30 23:39:01 UTC  

Remember what was said at the picnic. The goal should be to bring at least one new person everytime

2017-10-30 23:39:21 UTC  

I brought one person

2017-10-30 23:39:30 UTC  

He was totally new to the movement

2017-10-30 23:39:37 UTC  

He really enjoyed himself

2017-10-30 23:40:02 UTC  

Hmm is down....

2017-10-30 23:40:05 UTC  

Nah I know. Im just putting that out there

2017-10-30 23:40:47 UTC  

For sure

2017-10-30 23:41:11 UTC  

Im working on getting alot of the facebook people ive known for a while on their feet

2017-10-30 23:41:43 UTC  

I had some success with that in Cville but not with Shelby sadly

2017-10-30 23:43:24 UTC  

Yeah, weird, TRS is down

2017-10-30 23:43:33 UTC  

They'll probably be back up soon like usual though

2017-10-30 23:43:42 UTC  

probably just their domain provider or something

2017-10-30 23:45:09 UTC  

I should have guilted more peeps with it being my birthday weekend or something lmao. "Oh youre too busy moving to come out. Guess you dont care about my bday..."

2017-10-31 00:12:20 UTC  

Heimbach looking swole in this pic.

2017-10-31 00:16:36 UTC  


2017-10-31 00:16:42 UTC  

What a good shot.

2017-10-31 00:17:02 UTC  

Anybody got suggestions for more custom emojis by the way? lmao

2017-10-31 00:19:24 UTC  

Who added them finally?

2017-10-31 00:19:31 UTC  

I was pushing for that a while back.

2017-10-31 00:19:57 UTC  

I did this morning

2017-10-31 00:20:08 UTC  

I have some on my server, but I'm not totally sure how to forward them to you

2017-10-31 00:20:19 UTC  

Very nice. They're just images right?

2017-10-31 00:20:26 UTC  

Bowl discord sent me some.

2017-10-31 00:20:51 UTC  

Its not hard. You just upload an image in the settings

2017-10-31 00:20:53 UTC  

If there's an emote in a server you like, right click it then click "Open link"

2017-10-31 00:21:09 UTC

2017-10-31 00:21:10 UTC  

If you just suggest some. Im sure I can find em myself. I could only think of those three this morning lol

2017-10-31 00:21:11 UTC

Add me on VK if you were at the event my dudes

2017-10-31 00:21:35 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦ I'll get right on it. ALl of those are gold

2017-10-31 00:21:42 UTC  

Haha thanks!

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