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Oh yeah

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I'm not really an expert on economic matters, I'm more culturally minded

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I think culture influences economics

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This is a topic I've been trying to wrap my head around. How does Socialism operate within Natural Law?

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I'm asking sincerely, I've left Capitalism and am trying to sort out my economic philosophy

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Well, for starters, we have this image of Socialism as an exclusively Marxist thing

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I think if we had an ethnically homogeneous state, Socialism would come naturally

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I've been indoctrinated to view the world through a social darwinist lense, viewing everything as a struggle and competition, and I see a free market system as the economic manifestation of this natural struggle. Of course, the JEws have destroyed it via usury and monopolies, so I don't really know how to approach it.

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Someone find that article on Prussian Socialism/Socialism of Duty, I gotta run for a bit

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As the concept of helping to uplift your people who are in need

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Not necessarily gibs

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But skills and the like, helping people to help themselves

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I've heard some talk about that, like how in Scandinavian countries socialist policies are naturally chosen.

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And also taking care of your elderly, sick, and veterans

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Socialism as an economic policy is not terrible. As a social policy, it is

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Here's my thing, are welfare programs really 'helping out our people'? If i'm making 14$ an hour flipping hamburgers why would I go to college? I don't want to diminish the incentive for self-improvement. I agree that some policies for the elderly or children make since, but again it seems to handicap the weak in what I view our reality to be: a struggle for survival.

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I guess we are in the same area, @Michael ?

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I suppose I'm mixing ideas with the last post, what you guys are talking about is entirely different than the BernieBros, I'm not being specific enough.

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I see you in the other regional server

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Yes, I'm in New England.

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I am too, but pretty far north lol

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Welfare programs are for the disabled, elderly, etc who are actually unable to work or to make ends meet. Any parasites who can work but don't get physically removed

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Wait, there's a New England server?

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Not for TWP

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Not for two

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I'm fine with that, @Hadrian . I can remember as an AnCap talking about how those types deserved to die; social darwinism. I suppose the fundamental paradigm shift that I am still sorting out is the trading an individualist philosophy to a folkish one with concerns beyond the economic.

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Didn't Hitler write something about this?

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National Socialism vs Marxism

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I am working my way through Mein Kampf slowly.

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Right. That's what a lot of people don't understand: It isn't meant for the society we have now. There would need to be massive cultural reforms to enable this sort of thing

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yo is there any nebraska/great plains servers out there

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I'm concerned that we would lose the whole 'make your own way' mentality. I highly value self-reliance and I'm not attracted to reliance upon the community. It seems the only welfare programs NatSocs advocate for are for those who actually need it, which makes sense. Entirely different than Communism.

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Yeah, we aren't Ayn rand freaks

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Thanks @Eulogy , I'll give that a read