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2017-05-18 10:23:54 UTC  

They won't let us buy it from them.

2017-05-18 10:24:20 UTC  

We tried that in Montgomery County MD and they wouldn't sell it.

2017-05-18 10:24:57 UTC  

Ugh 👿

2017-05-18 10:25:44 UTC  

You know they can't have WHITEY making shrines and shit grrrrr

2017-05-18 12:18:17 UTC  


2017-05-18 12:18:27 UTC  


2017-05-18 12:18:35 UTC  

how be it?

2017-05-18 12:18:40 UTC  

Gonna be heading off to sleep soon.

2017-05-18 12:18:46 UTC  

me too in about an hour

2017-05-18 12:18:51 UTC  

you work nights I take it?

2017-05-18 12:19:24 UTC  


2017-05-18 12:19:28 UTC  


2017-05-18 12:19:35 UTC  

11 pm - 5 am

2017-05-18 12:19:47 UTC  

I work 8-4:30

2017-05-18 12:19:50 UTC  

I hate nightshift

2017-05-18 12:19:54 UTC  

I only stay cos of the premium

2017-05-18 12:20:02 UTC  

I get like 60 cents for working nights

2017-05-18 12:20:32 UTC  


2017-05-18 12:20:43 UTC  

Im paid $9 an hour

2017-05-18 12:20:57 UTC  

Dude, I work at kroger and make $12 an hour

2017-05-18 12:21:29 UTC  

You oughta (if you an) move to Indiana, KY, or TY

2017-05-18 12:21:33 UTC  

poor man's paradise

2017-05-18 12:25:02 UTC  

Cool. Well I am simply using this job I have as a means to get bills paid, my RPi3 parts and I will soon move to doing security at Casinos.

2017-05-18 12:25:35 UTC  

Which pays $15 an hour.

2017-05-18 12:29:19 UTC  


2017-05-18 12:29:23 UTC  

What is RPi3?

2017-05-18 12:31:10 UTC  

Raspberry Pi 3.

2017-05-18 12:31:29 UTC  

Just got a 32 GB Micro SD for it.

2017-05-18 12:31:51 UTC  

I have an RPi3, aint set it up yet cos I aint got a monitor for it

2017-05-18 12:31:53 UTC  

Will get Linux onto it when I can source a SD input drive.

2017-05-18 12:32:08 UTC  

Same. Gotta get one and a HDMI cable.

2017-05-18 12:32:19 UTC  

As well as a keyboard and mouse.

2017-05-18 12:32:51 UTC  

Are you a noob as I am with tech?

2017-05-18 12:33:01 UTC  

Not really.

2017-05-18 12:33:10 UTC  

Didn't think so

2017-05-18 12:40:41 UTC  

"A woman of race does not desire to be a 'companion' or a 'lover' but a MOTHER; & not the mother of 1 child, to serve as a toy & distraction, but of many: the instinct of a strong race speaks in the pride that large families inspire."
-Oswald Spengler
'The Hour of Decision'

2017-05-18 12:43:15 UTC  

Those so inclined for it, I can not recommend Spengler enough.
Just finished 'Man and Technics' & 'The Hour of Decision'
Both a clarion call to our warriors, of that I have zero doubt.

2017-05-18 12:50:37 UTC  

I keep trying to read Spengler but I feel like I need a fucking dictionary and set of encyclopedias in front me.

2017-05-18 12:50:43 UTC  

Give me the basic gist

2017-05-18 12:51:06 UTC  

and a copy of his work so I can google random passages to see if they have been quoted before, so I can in turn quote them on FB and feel like an intellectual