Message from Kamrin in tradworker #tradworker

2017-11-12 05:49:43 UTC  

Looking at getting a GP100 at some point

2017-11-12 05:50:03 UTC  

Ruger sp101

2017-11-12 05:50:08 UTC  


2017-11-12 05:50:44 UTC  

I traded in an old single action black hawk for it.

2017-11-12 05:51:49 UTC  

@Ian Booton

Where in the South do u live?

2017-11-12 05:52:16 UTC  

Georgia. Family's been here since before independence

2017-11-12 05:52:59 UTC  

Nice! My family are original Georgia Crackers. Settled GA about 75 years after settling Jamestown.

2017-11-12 05:53:17 UTC  

I'm in East TN, myself (TX boy, originally).

2017-11-12 05:53:20 UTC  

Damn straight

2017-11-12 05:53:25 UTC  

Hail Oglethorpe!

2017-11-12 05:54:18 UTC  

@Ian Booton

Are you TWP?

2017-11-12 05:54:25 UTC  


2017-11-12 05:54:53 UTC  


If ur ever in East TN, give me a holler.

2017-11-12 05:55:21 UTC  

Will do for sure. I'll be up that way for the AmRen conference

2017-11-12 05:56:06 UTC  

@Ian Booton i was at amren this ye plan on going again next.

2017-11-12 05:56:15 UTC  

@Ian Booton

Jacobite fo life nigga

2017-11-12 05:56:47 UTC  

Hopefully i will see u there. I am new twp

2017-11-12 05:56:59 UTC  

I'm pretty new myself

2017-11-12 05:57:13 UTC  

Been in nationalist circles for years though

2017-11-12 05:57:30 UTC  

I just hate giving a pro-Jew money i.e. jared taylor

2017-11-12 05:57:37 UTC  

Not me lol real new only been in this stuff for a yr

2017-11-12 05:57:49 UTC  

Taylor's heart is in the right place

2017-11-12 05:58:18 UTC  

I was a preper who realized it wouldnt be the zombie apocalypse but the nigger apocalypse. Lol

2017-11-12 05:58:42 UTC  

@Ian Booton taylor is a kike tool

2017-11-12 05:59:12 UTC  

Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but he's done good work

2017-11-12 05:59:14 UTC  

@John Mosby Not sure if Taylor is pro-jew per se think it's more not coming off as some extremist or whatever to keep with his academic schtick

2017-11-12 05:59:53 UTC  

You have to be woke on the JQ to be "us". Saying niggers are dumb isn't really unique or an achievement.

2017-11-12 06:00:12 UTC  

Amren was good for networking for me

2017-11-12 06:00:22 UTC  


Taylor has jews in high possitions in least he use to...I've always refused to work with them over it...same goes for the CofCC

2017-11-12 06:00:35 UTC  

I hate this phone it autocorrects stuff into oblivion

2017-11-12 06:00:36 UTC  

I bet he is woke on the JQ, just doesn't say it

2017-11-12 06:00:49 UTC  

Ah, didn't know that

2017-11-12 06:01:19 UTC  

Nah, man. I know he's booted people from AmRen for raising the JQ. All he cares about are black crime stats and money

2017-11-12 06:01:42 UTC  

But yeah i went there and picked up 2 members for local group

2017-11-12 06:01:50 UTC  

They are now twp

2017-11-12 06:02:04 UTC  

Council of Cuckolded Cohens

2017-11-12 06:02:35 UTC  

I know a lot of good local CofCC goys, but the overall org is completely ran by kikes (Sid, in particular).

2017-11-12 06:04:40 UTC  

It would be great if we could build a so massive big tent of racists that it would contain everyone from "I just realized black gentlemen and whites aren't identical" to "We literally need to exterminate all kikes, even the tykes", but it probably won't happen. A line has to be drawn somewhere. Taylor is pro-democratic and pro-jewish so I have never been a fan. If someone actually became a fanatical nazi because they saw an AmRen IQ pie chart, then great.

2017-11-12 06:04:59 UTC  


If you can work those angles, then by all means do. I'm just coverered in NS tats and don't fit their suit and tie/pro-Jew mold...I, myself, could never make inroads at AmRen.

2017-11-12 06:05:59 UTC  

Oh dude its all good i wasnt tryin to counter signal ya. Just tellin u what i got ou of it.

2017-11-12 06:06:29 UTC  

But yeah i agree the higher ups there suck