Message from Kamrin in tradworker #tradworker

2017-11-08 07:10:24 UTC  

It was out in Wintergreen I think

2017-11-08 07:11:19 UTC  

I was down there with my book club. I didnt get to any after party. I stayed at the boars head.

2017-11-08 07:11:33 UTC  

I'm a little disappointed there wasn't a place for everybody to meet after. I really wanted to see paddy live again

2017-11-08 07:11:49 UTC  

Dude makes great music tbh

2017-11-08 07:12:34 UTC  

I think that's part of why all the groups are so split right now

2017-11-08 07:12:57 UTC  

We never got a chance to share a beer and just hang out

2017-11-08 07:13:20 UTC  

We never got to put a face to these other groups

2017-11-08 07:13:47 UTC  

Yeah i agree man

2017-11-08 07:15:12 UTC  

I'll be honest, before Pikeville, I was a little hesitant about being associated with the NSM guys. After drinking with them and pushing cars out of the mud with them, I'll honestly never counter-signal them

2017-11-08 07:15:36 UTC  

Right on. I havent met em yet

2017-11-08 07:15:58 UTC  

Everything twp says about them is good though

2017-11-08 07:16:21 UTC  

They're good people. I haven't met a single person in NF that isn't a good person

2017-11-08 07:16:34 UTC  

Cool man thats great

2017-11-08 07:17:06 UTC  

Have you ever seen the video of the battle of Sacramento?

2017-11-08 07:17:45 UTC  

Yeah alittle bit i think. That's the one with moldy locks?

2017-11-08 07:18:17 UTC  

That antifa bitch that got hi

2017-11-08 07:18:21 UTC  


2017-11-08 07:18:29 UTC  

Oh, no the twp one

2017-11-08 07:18:34 UTC  

I'll find a link

2017-11-08 07:18:45 UTC  

I havent then no

2017-11-08 07:19:20 UTC  


2017-11-08 07:21:44 UTC  

I'll keep looking for the right one, but twp and gss were outnumbered 10-1 and they kicked ass

2017-11-08 07:22:07 UTC  

Thats fuckin awesome

2017-11-08 07:22:19 UTC  

There was one guy in the video that broke a wooden flagpole over some antifa faggot's skull

2017-11-08 07:22:37 UTC  

That guy was a pikeville, he's cool as fuck

2017-11-08 07:22:56 UTC  

Has one of these on the back of his head

2017-11-08 07:23:18 UTC  

Right on that awesome

2017-11-08 07:24:20 UTC  

Was this after pville?

2017-11-08 07:24:46 UTC  

Sacramento? No, it was in 2016

2017-11-08 07:27:28 UTC  

As soon as i get home i am gonna look that up

2017-11-08 07:57:20 UTC  

I ran the Eagles Nest house

2017-11-08 07:57:41 UTC  

Also I've been working on some Fashwave tonight

2017-11-08 07:58:17 UTC  

Nice brother

2017-11-08 08:25:27 UTC  

@Hand Banana how've you been man? Haven't really heard much from you guys since the convoy back

2017-11-08 08:35:48 UTC  

You ever want some coffee so you go up to the gas station for that shit

2017-11-08 08:35:55 UTC  

and end up putting to much espresso in it

2017-11-08 08:36:05 UTC  

It's tragic lemme tell ya hwut

2017-11-08 12:15:21 UTC  

Have you been sure to buy papa-johns pizza?

2017-11-08 12:15:27 UTC  

it might be the shittiest pizza

2017-11-08 12:44:15 UTC  

You know the left is pissed off when they have to spam the threads.