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Some tips from it's going down on writing letters to political prisoners. Applies to /ourguys/ as well
Here are some important reminders for you prior to writing your letter to prisoners:

● Every letter is potentially read by the guards, so don’t write anything that might incriminate yourself or others. Do not write about illegal activities. The rule of thumb here is don’t put anything in a letter that you wouldn’t say to directly to the police.

● Remember that some prisoners are pre-trial, which means that beyond their mail be generally monitored, it can be entered into evidence against them.

● These are political prisoners and you should obviously let them know you support their politics, but don’t start praising them as heroes. “Hero letters,” can add to the State’s repressive tactics and help label people as “leaders.” If someone is caught up for a political action they probably don’t want to be seen as martyrs – they’re just normal people, so write to them like normal people rather than fawning! Human connection is more important than heroism.

● Don’t EVER promise things you can’t deliver. Whether you’re promising books, commissary money, et cetera – breaking promises to someone inside is not in line with supporting them.

● Political literature – be careful! Unless the prisoner asks for it, avoid sending any overly contentious political material in as it can potentially cause them issues with the prison. There’s no problem sending this kind of thing as long as you ask the prisoner first and always respect their wishes!

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topic hijack

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DyRo influenced Trump to run for office

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@Dr.Cocopuff | KY this dude was trying to troll me on FB

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scanned his profile and immediatly ran into this pic lol

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Yall think tide pods are the real forbidden fruit?

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Bitch please

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what did you expect

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A gator

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No, they do that in Zimbabwe

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jesus christ is that chris-chan?

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Yes lol

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@MatthewHeimbach do we have any blog posts about the state of our privately run prison system?

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or articles written from an NS view?

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what happened to him?

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fuking boomers pls die

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naturally of course

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I love playing guitar so much

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Doxxing myself heavy

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I like CKY

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one of my favorites by cky

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and yes great job doxing yourself

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Lol thanks dudes

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Learning the whole thing. Wanted to see how it sounded recorded by iPhone

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Thanks for dealing with my random post that had nothing to do with the conversation

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As you were, gentlemen...

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can you play flesh into gear?