Message from Billy Ray Jenkins in tradworker #tradworker

2017-12-05 01:37:18 UTC  

I actually miss BRJ spam hours.

2017-12-05 01:37:20 UTC  

Every nationalist should be able to identify with this.

2017-12-05 01:37:25 UTC  

Glad he's active in a channel I'm in. lol

2017-12-05 01:37:35 UTC  

I heard it the other night. Good track.

2017-12-05 01:37:38 UTC  

If collapse happens quick enough, there's every chance we can reschedule Saint Roof as well

2017-12-05 01:37:40 UTC  

Mr. Bond is Austrian?

2017-12-05 01:37:46 UTC  

Back when Fuck the Police came out Whites were still under the mistaken idea that Cops were our friends

2017-12-05 01:37:48 UTC  

I dunno.

2017-12-05 01:37:52 UTC  

Now we know better

2017-12-05 01:37:55 UTC  

NWA was alright. They didn’t care if white people said nigger and Ice Cube called out their kike producer.

2017-12-05 01:38:05 UTC  

The Niggers are actually the ones the Pigs protect

2017-12-05 01:38:08 UTC  

any Southrons here

2017-12-05 01:38:10 UTC  

should know this

2017-12-05 01:38:16 UTC  

>Ice Cube called out their kike producer.
Nazis With Attitude

2017-12-05 01:38:25 UTC  

even in Dixie in the 1960s the Pigs protected the Niggers from the Klan

2017-12-05 01:38:31 UTC  

Yeah true.

2017-12-05 01:38:39 UTC  

Kike mayors and law makers.

2017-12-05 01:38:42 UTC  

There was a famous case in Georgia where this Police Chief i think in Albany GA

2017-12-05 01:38:50 UTC  

arrested White men for beating up Blacks

2017-12-05 01:38:54 UTC  

in 1961

2017-12-05 01:39:06 UTC  

Lieutenant Roy James who turned 80 this year sat a MONTH IN JAIL

2017-12-05 01:39:08 UTC  

After Ice Cube left NWA he made a diss track about them and in it he says something about them doing whatever the Jew wanted

2017-12-05 01:39:09 UTC  

in Birmingham Alabama

2017-12-05 01:39:14 UTC  

Bull Connors Birmingham

2017-12-05 01:39:22 UTC  

for Punching Martin Lucifer Coon in 1962

2017-12-05 01:39:27 UTC  

Even Dixie was Cucked

2017-12-05 01:39:30 UTC  

in 1962

2017-12-05 01:39:32 UTC  

in alot of places

2017-12-05 01:39:36 UTC  

or was slowly being Cucked

2017-12-05 01:39:59 UTC  

The fact that Lt James didnt get a ticker tape parade in downtown Birmingham and the Keys to the City

2017-12-05 01:40:02 UTC  

is surprising

2017-12-05 01:40:14 UTC  

I dont even think Bull Connor ever mentioned it

2017-12-05 01:40:26 UTC  

Lieutenant Roy James of the American Nazi Party good man

2017-12-05 01:45:35 UTC

2017-12-05 01:46:02 UTC  

Remember even during the worst of Yankee Reconstruction in the South

2017-12-05 01:46:11 UTC  

Niggers didnt go out slapping White Women in Public

2017-12-05 01:46:17 UTC  

even the Yankees would stand for that

2017-12-05 01:46:26 UTC  

but look at what happened 80 years later

2017-12-05 01:46:54 UTC  

You see the Confederacy had one thing wrong and that was TIME. Everything they said did come to pass, they didnt know itd take about a century to get bad

2017-12-05 01:47:30 UTC  

It actually took about 80 plus years for the Kikes with Music and Hollywood to somewhat humanize the Coons

2017-12-05 01:47:36 UTC  

to whites