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2017-11-02 13:40:26 UTC  

Yeah, getting in unions if possible sounds like a great idea

2017-11-02 13:40:38 UTC  

Yeah, good idea.

2017-11-02 13:40:47 UTC  

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) His true followers have taken the compound back and Mr Pringle is a good man

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2017-11-02 13:41:01 UTC  

You are right and I agree, they will still call us nazis, but it will be harder to fire someone when its only words.

2017-11-02 13:41:13 UTC  

No it isn’t

2017-11-02 13:41:35 UTC  

Look at the people getting fires for face book posts

2017-11-02 13:41:57 UTC  

Or things people hear them say in the lunch room

2017-11-02 13:41:59 UTC  

I'd also check if your state has protections for politically motivated firings. I know some don't allow it

2017-11-02 13:42:58 UTC  

If you are are a rally at all matter what and they start a campaign to get you fired there is a 80% chance you will be fired even if the photo of you at the rally is just of you in the background walking by

2017-11-02 13:43:32 UTC  

Mine has a law that if you work for over 90 days at the same job, they are required to have a legitimate issue with you concerning you at work to fire you.

2017-11-02 13:43:41 UTC  

There was one guy in CVille that got fired and he wasn’t even at the rally he was just trying to get to his car that was in on of the parking lots after visiting his girlfriends apartment

2017-11-02 13:44:19 UTC  

There is nothing about the TWP platform that most whites would disagree with, those ideas as the focal point of the activism opens more minds than 1930 Germany symbols IMHO

2017-11-02 13:44:25 UTC  

But AntiFA got a photo of him and kept calling his job and threatening his boss

2017-11-02 13:45:39 UTC  

@KarlKuhl The Roman Salute isn’t a 1930s german symbol it is a ROMAN European symbol it was used by European militaries for over 1000 years before the Nazis

2017-11-02 13:46:14 UTC  

And as I said even if no one dose it they will still call you a Nazi

2017-11-02 13:46:21 UTC  

These firings are not legal. An EEOC complaints and a very public lawsuit that goes to trial will make employers think twice about firing someone

2017-11-02 13:46:32 UTC  

@Octothorpe Hail victory bowlther

2017-11-02 13:46:42 UTC  

Just like how they call the Prod boys and the alt knights Nazis

2017-11-02 13:46:58 UTC  

It wasn't drama that got me kicked out it was a haircut

2017-11-02 13:47:10 UTC  

@☦Colton of Yore☦ you are required to grow a bowlcut for the next rally.

2017-11-02 13:47:17 UTC  

Of course, thats why it is Roman.

2017-11-02 13:47:18 UTC  

They even call Agustus Invictus a Nazi even threw he has 6 mixed race kids

2017-11-02 13:48:12 UTC  

i got to look like im working now. i appreciate your position and candor. I will reflect.

2017-11-02 13:49:25 UTC  

Have a good one

2017-11-02 13:49:59 UTC  

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY where was the last photo you posted taken?

2017-11-02 13:50:03 UTC  

<:totenthink:374717028012916746> >reflect

2017-11-02 13:50:44 UTC  

ah nvm I notice the gator must have been in Gainesville

2017-11-02 13:52:32 UTC  

apparently this is a racist photo yall

2017-11-02 13:55:12 UTC  

One thing is every movement needs there Revolutionaries and their “legals” as Dr Pierce put it.

2017-11-02 13:56:48 UTC  

You can do as much for a movement by not going to rallies but working behind the Seens as you can going to rallies as long as you still do work from the shadows and help the people that are out in the public

2017-11-02 13:57:01 UTC  

Threw funding and material support

2017-11-02 13:57:36 UTC  

Any thing from running safe houses to doing intelligence gathering and other support functions

2017-11-02 13:57:48 UTC  

Anglin or Damigo are doing none of that

2017-11-02 13:58:05 UTC  

They are both useless now

2017-11-02 13:58:14 UTC  


2017-11-02 13:58:15 UTC  

I think the feds got to Damigo

2017-11-02 13:58:46 UTC  

And Anglin is just a edge lord that scared himself with the power he got

2017-11-02 13:58:56 UTC  

Anglin literally made a post and said "HAIL ANGLIN' at the end, he loves stroking his own cock

2017-11-02 13:59:25 UTC  

I see him to be just like the Kekastanins