Message from Sammy Woodchipperz in tradworker #tradworker

2017-12-06 04:34:25 UTC  

its mounted to the dove tail, its just too high up for me

2017-12-06 04:34:39 UTC  

a cheek riser would make it work perfectly, but i dont shoot it enough to worry about it

2017-12-06 04:35:13 UTC  

Is it one of those cheap ones that are only like $10 or a better one?

2017-12-06 04:35:21 UTC  

ill see if i can find a link

2017-12-06 04:35:26 UTC  

This is now a gun shitpost thread

2017-12-06 04:35:56 UTC  

The only good picture I've ever taken honestly

2017-12-06 04:35:57 UTC  

i got mine mounted pretty solid

2017-12-06 04:36:18 UTC  

I was reading reviews and for some of them there were complaints that they would come loose after a few dozen rounds

2017-12-06 04:36:29 UTC  

mines lasted through a ful lspam can

2017-12-06 04:36:31 UTC  


2017-12-06 04:36:55 UTC  

and the recoil is a little worse too, no brake, and its chopped to 16 3/4 inches

2017-12-06 04:37:02 UTC  

we doing SKSposting?

2017-12-06 04:37:11 UTC  

general gun thread

2017-12-06 04:37:17 UTC  

we /k/ommando in here

2017-12-06 04:37:58 UTC  


2017-12-06 04:38:26 UTC  

Anybody got a sweet whitepill

2017-12-06 04:38:27 UTC  

I wonder how many Bosniaks my Yugo fell

2017-12-06 04:39:21 UTC  

I have a $30 muzzle brake on mine and itโ€™s a full size 91/30

2017-12-06 04:39:28 UTC  

umph nice

2017-12-06 04:39:46 UTC  

So if it worked on yours it should work fine for me

2017-12-06 04:39:52 UTC  

It looks like a nice mount

2017-12-06 04:40:20 UTC  

its not bad, i prefer rock solid industries mounts, but those are a little pricey

2017-12-06 04:41:05 UTC  

full length rail, dovetail, and drill/tap in the reciever

2017-12-06 04:41:07 UTC  

stable af

2017-12-06 04:42:01 UTC  

+for Rock Solid

2017-12-06 04:42:20 UTC  

Also for all my SKS fags, buy Tech Sights.

2017-12-06 04:42:30 UTC  

That's the only acceptable SKS mod

2017-12-06 04:42:49 UTC

2017-12-06 04:43:08 UTC  

im about to build a hunting rifle when i get my tax refund, im pretty hyped about it

2017-12-06 04:43:46 UTC  

Is it even legal to hunt with rifles here?

2017-12-06 04:43:51 UTC  

I thought it was bows only

2017-12-06 04:44:09 UTC  

I'm used to Arizona. Class 3 hunting is legal lmao

2017-12-06 04:44:29 UTC  

remington 700
MDT tac21 chassis
deadair sandman s supressor
day / night HD scope

2017-12-06 04:44:40 UTC  

AZ's gun laws

2017-12-06 04:44:41 UTC  

Holy fuck

2017-12-06 04:44:43 UTC  


2017-12-06 04:44:57 UTC  

Arizona has the loosest gun laws in America ๐Ÿ‘Œ

2017-12-06 04:45:03 UTC  

IN gun laws are pretty nice

2017-12-06 04:45:16 UTC  

AZ and KY are tied for most baste, aren't they?